Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 21 September 2012

Let's Chat.

Give Away Prizes.
All posted out except the brushes as it was listed as £10 to post, so had them delivered here. Just need to re-label and gt them on the way. Will be done today. The last prize to be sorted is the painting of twenty four 20mm Naps, these arrived two days age and......I received the figures from Tim and prepped them on the day they arrived and now have the first 12 almost finished. These are Line, the Jager which should be a little more fun I saved till last. Not that I have not enjoyed the Line. Dutch 20mm Naps, only way I would ever see me painting these was if something like this happened. Having just finished the cow hide backpacks it's all costing from here. I expect to be finished by this afternoon.

Updated the tab 370 years ago today. No one is commenting and as I don't get stats for that page it is impossible to tell if it gets visits, so unless I start to get comments I may just move it back into mainstream, or do both. Your thoughts are sought.

Next up Anne cost me a few hours sleep the other night......Steady you lot! She has recently photographed her mountain. It got me thinking about my mountain and the lack of balance, that is the amount of 6mm sitting ready to be painted and mentally allotted slots. Then I look at my 15mm grab bag and it's pitiful. So I have raided Martin's box and have coming up some time soon
48 pike
2 x 12 Persian Cav (just need to buy the two packs at Derby)
Thracian's, just lots and lots, about 60-100
Medium Archers about 48
Another 48 pike
12 Galatian Cav
12 Greek Cav
and already prepped and on the table
24 Galatian infantry
5 elephants

so as you can see that keeps things balanced. I still have at least enough pike to do another 48 block as well as 24+ Hoplites and other assorted stuff in that box (not mentioning the Orcs and Goblins) then I have the Romans that I hope to insert in the middle of this lot as winter draws in.

The tug of the ECW project is strong so that will get plenty of time, just to keep bragging rights over Lee whilst I will need to get my French allies done for my Naps for a mini campaign I have in mind. I will be picking up at Derby some Adler so I don't see these off the painting desk anytime soon.


  1. My camera's not big enough to take a pic of my lead pile!!

  2. Look at Rousell bragging over there. Ray, all men say that!!

    I'm glad I inspired you to buy more figures Ian. Contributing to the delinquency of a fellow blogger isn't punishable by law!