Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

ECW Buildings

I painted up the three buildings I bought from Baccus last Sunday. These were as easy to paint up as the Total Battle Miniatures I had bought way back in March. The problem is that the only other building available is a church, so I will have to buy repeats of the cottages and made do with a few from other periods as the ECW does not seem to have the support of other periods in 6mm. This obviously is no surprise, after all it's one of the minority periods of 6mm.
The watermill is a tall brick building (or stone if you wish) and has an obvious disadvantage. Being a water mill it should only come into play when your fighting a battle with water involved. Not the best situation when you are already limited in period buildings but I am sure it can still get used ignoring it's real use. Overall it's a nice building, I really like the slate roof and timber lean too. I dry brushed the roof tile and used a wash on the every thing else.
As I said OVERALL it's a nice piece but some of the detail is spoiled with pitting and air bubbles typical of Timecast (who make these for themselves and Baccus). The waterwheel in particular is somewhat spoilt by this effect. Total Battle Miniatures seem to not suffer nearly as badly as Timecast for this. I was pleased with the water effect, painting bright green as a base coat and two watery blues washed over and white lines and squiggles for rough water.
The basic cottage is the same building for both models but one has stale and the other thatched roof. What makes them look even more different is that the building is turned around on the base and they have different dressing to the bases which helps a great deal.
Opposite view of the same building. Note the stone base of the building which goes round the whole building. The wash really added to the plaster type effect for the walls.
I used a lighter wood effect on the doors of this building for more distinction. I assume that wood at this time would have been treated rather than painted. I also went for a grubby thatch on this building, though it does not look so shinny in real life (being mat varnished).
The second cottage is also slanted a bit on the base which I like.
Overall I like them a fair amount, they were quick to paint up, will look different enough on the table with a few painting changes such as darker wood on the odd one and darker or lighter thatch on others. The cost for a pack of two was very reasonable as well. Expect a small village sprouting up over winter.


  1. These look amazing Ian, great job.

  2. Well you've made a fine job on these Ian, nice one!

  3. These are nice pieces Ian. I especially like that water mill. They should look good on the gaming table. Nice job of painting them up!

  4. Thanks for the compliments, I enjoyed painting them.

    @ Anne, yes they will but I don't think that's anytime soon I am afraid as I still have a lot to do and I will have to wait for Lee who has rather a long list of thother stuff to do as well. Not that we are in any hurry.