Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Another Slight Diversion or another chalenge.

Andy over at Another Slight Diversion was chatting with me about this and that. I knew he wanted to sell some of his Timecast building's. The ones in question being Russian which I will be picking up at Donnington next weekend. However he also mentioned he had the Total Battle Miniatures Spanish Hill Village, something I was planning on buying. Now already I was going halves on the Russian village so I was not in a position to buy the village but somehow we got round to the possibility of my painting some fugues in exchange. That is quite a few figures seeing as they are 6mm. Now Andy has very high standards, hell he PAINTS to a very high standard and with this in mind I proposed he send me a stand of figures with instructions on what he wanted. I first received the e-mail with how he wanted the figs painting down to Vellejo paint number which was great as I could quickly work out what I had and go off and get the colours I did not own (any excuse). Now these figures are to represent the opponents to the Savage Swans Andy has for the ImagiNation game he plays every year. The twist is that whilst the original force was 28mm this is a 6mm project as he replicates his own army in 6mm. Check out the link above for some great conversion work and excellent customer service from Adler.
Any way I had the heat under my backside as I wanted to get these done fast enough that Andy could decide if a. I was up to scratch and b. he was happy with the project to move it forward and as such get everything ready for meeting up at the Words. I am pleased to say that I had the figures for just four days.
Above isba sample of how they looked when they left me. Below is pictures of how they look after Andy has added mounted command and based them. All foot are Baccus and mounted are Adler.
Andy also added the flags. All in all I painted up 96 figures that he plans to use as a single regiment. these are based on several bases so they can be used in different formations.

One base is made up of Grenadiers. The way Andy wanted them painting up was so very different to my normal way of painting 6mm and in reality is very close to what I would do with 15mm. Lots of highlighting but the castings make it a lot easier, These are SYW French and are very crisp. I am really looking forward to the new French Naps from Baccus.

Here we have the brave chaps in column. I have to say that I really like the look of a massed unit in 6mm but I could not help thinking that I would have painted up 4 regiments of my Naps given te unit size.

I am glad to say that Andy was happy with the standard and will be supplying me more to paint for him in just under a weeks time. I somehow don't think he will get them back quite as quickly but I do plan on getting them out to him fairly quickly. Thanks also to Andy for allowing me to lift the picks from his site.



  1. Cheers Ian. There are some bigger photos on the blog which makes your work easier to see. I think you must have grabbed the inline ones rather than the 'clicked' ones. It was a pleasure 'doing business'. I've had stuff painted by a few people over the years (only odd units) and communication is important as well as doing what's actually asked for! All boxes ticked here :)
    See you next Saturday!

  2. Great stuff from both of you there :)

    Hopefully I'll meet both of you next weekend

  3. looking good that is one well oiled fighting machine

  4. An excellent team effort, great work chaps.

  5. @ Andy, I just took them straight from the blog but I may well have messed up, not hard for me to do.

    @ Tamsin, Gowan and Michael. Yes great team effort, now just need to repeat it a couple of times and Andy will have a searious fighting machine.