Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 3 September 2012

Partizan Swag

I took no pictures of Partizan itself as I really did not bother over much with the games. Don't get me wrong I am not saying anything was wrong with them, just that I really did not find the time or energy for them. Rather I spent time chatting with a number of the people I knew and plenty I did not about one thing and another, but mostly 6mm figures and how to paint them. Dr Mike was putting on a clinic of 6mm painting which was great as I was pointing them in his direction whilst Peter from Baccus was then supplying the figures to the converts. No I am sure the games were great but the surprise for me is that they just do not draw me in. Possibly it's down to doing so much over the last week, far more than I have done in about a year and to be honest far more than really is good for me. Lets just say I am waiting for the hour to pass till I can have some more tablets LOL.
Anyways it's worth the pain to both body and wallet. Somehow pre-paying for figures from Baccus is a bad idea. No, it's a really bad idea! Why? well I just went ahead and bought some more bits from them. Did I really say bits? Do any of you believe me? No? Good.
I don't want you to think it was all Baccus though. I must have had my ears pinned back as I also bought a couple of 1:72 plastic kits just to make up because. I think these will end up in my sons room hanging from fishing line. I also got a coupe more S&A Scenics hills that work for both 6 and 15mm and stand up to a fair bit of neglect. I went for large hills as these seem to be what I just did not have enough of.
I was not sure War Bases would be there but guessed they might as Claymore was listed and I knew they were the at show distributor's. So I got another 40 60x60 bases for my Naps infantry and a pack of three camp sized bases so I can make up a pair of ECW camps for my 15mm, the spare can be used for either Ancients or a third 17th Century to sell on. 5 packets of flags from my pusher at Baccus, one pack of Guard, one of French Line (last pack bought at Derby last year and down to the last ten). I also have packs for the Italian's, Neapolitan and Westphalian mainly for the Iberian project but you know how these things grow. I also need to sort out the Irish but think I may get away with Italian flags as they were the same colours (I think!). Also from Baccus was two English cottages and the watermill for my ECW project. I plan to buy more from Total Battle Miniatures along with Spanish at some point when I have painted up a lot more of my ECW forces.
The pre paid French Nap foot booster, the ECW foot booster with minimum packs of French guns, ECW generals, guns, limbers and missing horse holders. Also pictured are my turnbuls that Barry talked me into, my French limbers my Irregular Limbers talked me into and er well OK ANOTHER French Nap foot booster, giving me 24 more foot regiments (and yes I do have the skirmish figures to make these up!). Well looking at all those flags I just knew I needed more units to stand under them. All in all it does mean you will be seeing rather a lot of 6mm coming off my desk over the next few months but don't worry I have enough other stuff to break it up for my sake as much as yours.
The Partizan figure which I will get round to fairly soon as a way of pleasure painting (as in for the hell of it). So there you have it. A mad spend all told that has driven my money stash almost out with Derby just under 5 weeks away. Oh well I don't plan on much at that show anyway as I have built up my mountain enough this week.
As for the show, it never felt over busy but I was told cars were waiting for spaces though we arrived twenty minutes after opening to find the car park almost empty.


  1. Yes, you did pick up more than just a few bits, but that's the point! I used to paint WWII planes and hang them from my ceiling when I was a little girl. I miss those days.

    I'm glad you had fun and now take those tabs and get some rest!

  2. Ian says that Barry talked him into buying some carts. Can you guess how much resistance Ian put up? That's right-none.

  3. @ Anne. Knowing yu have delt wih the pain as well, you know we flip the bird at it sometimes. It's worth it really. Today will be a lot more laid back, kids last day off school so we hope to go for a small walk. I am cooking supper, started it later than I should at 9am!!!! Slow roasted chilli pork shoulder. I love it.

    @ Barry. Actually I showed Cath the marks and she believes me!!!!! Bless ;-)


  4. Sounds like a pretty good haul you've gone home with.
    I must confess that if I was ever to do Naps, it would be in 6mm - trying to pretend that a stand of 3-4 15mm figs is a regiment just doesn't cut it for me.

  5. Oh my goodness Ian, didn't you do well! A great haul of swag Sir.