Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 6 September 2012

6th September 1642.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Prince Rupert trained through the hard experiences of the Thirty Years War had been quick to rally to side of his Uncle King Charles. Put in charge of the cavalry he was soon to start work trying to give his uncle any advantage possible. When he reached Leicester a town known to support Parliament at the head of enough troops to demand a loan to the King of £2,000 of which they paid £500. Typically, Charles on receiving complaint from Leicester disavowed his nephew (8th September) and ordered the forced payment paid back. Whilst the King was ready to fight Parliament he was not yet ready to face the fact that he would have to compel who he could to fund this war. Interesting enough, Leicester would be the site of one of the Kings final conquests when Rupert stormed the town in May 1645.


  1. These are nice Ian. Short and interesting and informative. I need to improve my knowledge of history if I'm to paint military figures!


  2. No real need to increase your knowledge of the period so much as the uniforms and possibly who they fought. I just love the ECW period both social and military



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