Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 9 September 2012

370 Days page has been updated.

Well the title says it all. Essex on the march, so I had best get cracking on painting some Royalists then.

Well my table has a nice mix of projects at the moment. The eight sniper reminders need finishing off which will be done this week, though the bases will probably run into the following week as well. I have two 15mm units almost finished, just the final basing stages to do. The last five 10mm ADC's have fallen by the way side so I will get these gone before much longer along with the 6mm ones I have started. I bought three ECW buildings from Baccus two of which are close to being finished and the third just started. These will be finished during this week and I have a regiment of foote, horses and dragoons all primed ready for a start which should soon see some paint.
After that I have all my plastics washed and ready to be cleaned up and primed. These will have to wait though. I have been talking to Tim about his prize and it could be 20mm Naps or 6mm ECW. These will be put before any more of my own projects if they get here before I am finished with what I have whilst I also have done a trade with a friend for a Spanish Hill Village for me painting some 6mm which again is slotted ahead of any of my stuff, though I will be doing bits between I am sure.


  1. had a good day today despite a very slow start. Finished off three buildings, 3 10mm ADC's 2 6mm ADC's based up 32 figures and started a 6mm foot regiment but won't get much done tomorrow