Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Tab!!!!!

OK I have been thinking and I think I have a better way of doing the 370 years ago ECW posts I have started. So as it does not get in the way for those that are not interested and keep them following on for all those that are. I have opened a new page at the top of the blog page. This means you can click on the tab and get them all in the one place meaning you can read a few together and get a feel for what was happening rather than just a snap shot. I realise this will cut down on the traffic to this post type so expect a reminder post every now and again.
Yesterday I had a very pleasant game with Matt, the first in far too long (as could be said for the first games with Barry and Lee before). We will be following on with more but meanwhile look out for a AAR tomorrow. It would have been today but Cath and me went out for the day and now I need to sit back and relax as this much fun is bad for you!
I did buy two books though. Montrose for Covenant and King about Montrose in the ECW (in Scotland!) and Peninsular Cavalry General 1811-1813 which is mostly a series of letters from Robert Long to his brother. My reading mountain seems to go down at the same rate as my lead mountain.


  1. I know it is hard Ian, when you are trying to satisfy two types of audiences. I'm struggling with that myself right now. My comedy, which has been a staple on my blog, would not appeal to gamers and might even be offensive to some. I've considered doing what your doing, but haven't made a decision.

    Glad you enjoyed the game and sometimes it's worth the pain and fatigue to have fun!

  2. A good idea to host a separate page - not because it would disturb some, but because it's easier to access. Keeping an eye on it.

  3. well it seems you can only have a single post on a second page so I will just use the one post and keep updating it. Not ideal but it will still work. So from the next post I will do this. Anyone who has an answer to this please let me know. I could start a new blog but don't want to do that (I have enough with two!)

    @ Anne. I say do what you want to. Some of us gamers have a humour bone you know! Just not me;-) oh and game was well worth it and quality time with Cath eased any discomfort. Every time we have special time we come away wondering why we don't do it more often

    @ Andrew, I agree the big reason for doing it seporate is to make it easier to follow, though some times it will be a post a day for a few weeks which can bump the other topics down a bit which could be a bit much for some