Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

28th Reserve Line Regiment, yes more Adler

This regiment is part of the Ist Corps 2nd Infantry Brigade and rather an interesting regiment to paint. Not only should they be in French Uniform but that uniform happens to be white! So it's quite possible I should have kept these back until I was getting really fed up with Prussian Blue!

As you can see the white of the uniform has suffered a little campaign wear and looks like these guys need a scoup or two of Bold. This has been achieved by adding about 60% distilled water to the nut brown ink. I have to admit it was a worrying time giving them that wash! These are the 1st Battalion.

Love how the pale blue of the facings pop on the white(ish) background. Overall I am rather pleased with the result. I really like the Adler way of having three quite different figures for the Line, Reserve and Landwehr, this will help working out what's what from a little distance. 

I decided the officer leading this battalion should be a white haired chap, rather than let the youth of today run all the show. I have to admit I also like the bread bags these guys are carrying around.

Here we have the 2nd Battalion and as they are reserve it's anyone's guess what the standards they took into the battle looked like (if in deed they did) so I thought a nice red eagle would do the trick, well it goes with the foot officers nice pink facings and blue jacket, nothing like making a target of yourself. 

Talking of targets this mounted officer is very go get them boys, strange then that he is not at the front. I also feel a lot better about the columns as these have based up much better after cutting less off each base. 

Fusilier Battalion 3 and I get little green men with these again. So really I have had a lot of colour to play with. I off set the commander on this stand, I normally put them in the middle, not sure if that's accurate but I wonder if I can put the commander on a flank on one of these? 

I could not get the whole twenty four in two lines so I have a couple of figures behind on the flanks and a couple moving forward to help out the Jagers.

I just need to finish the Regiment I am working on now and I will have Pirch II brigade all done. Then I can go backwards and paint up the 1st brigade before launching into the 3rd. Happy days.

This regiment will be used for a basing tutorial thingy as I snapped a number of shots off whilst doing the basing. I also plan to do one on the Leven buildings as I have got a few of these, oh the joys ;-)


  1. Looks good. Still amazed at the detail you get in the 6mm.

  2. I love the dirty on the road or campaign too long look, especially in 6mm!

  3. Hardened campaigners obviously.

  4. Great looking unit with amazing details, love the basing too!

  5. I like these guys, white French uniforms; I'll have to paint them as well. The dirty uniforms turned out very well. What source do you recommend for uniform details for the Prussians?

  6. A great unit and a wonderfully odd choice of colour for a uniform.

    1. Sorry that was me, confused profiles again - still a great unit though!

  7. @ Sean, yes lots of detail, possibly too much if I dare say it.

    @ Fran, Well they had done a great deal of marching and counter-marching not to mention a lost battle

    @ Conrad maybe I should get a bonus? :-)

    @ Phil, the basing is really easy with a little know how and in fact takes less time than the old style when you include down time

    @ Mike, Thanks, the source I use mostly for the Waterloo campaign is Mont St Jean (type in as that on the web) it's a French site and Google translates it fine. It's not 100% accurate but it's a great starting point.

    @ Michael, the Prussians get to come out and play in French, British and err Prussian uniforms. Lots of them are basic Prussian Blue but even so lots of facing colours and the like. Come May 2015 I may be ready for a change though.