Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Joy of Sex

No that should read Joy of Six, but I am fairly sure I will get a pretty good supply of hits of sweaty palms. But what is this Joy of Six you are on about and is it worth me staying to read on? Well I will tell you, it's not exactly a new wargames how but rather a phoenix out of the ashes sort of thing (assuming anyone thought the Sheffield Irregulars are burnt out.I just know that Peter (that man from Baccus AGAIN) has taken over the running of the con and in dong so has made a few changes that makes it an all 6mm affair (though a few of the traders I suspect will have other goods n offer).

I went last year in it's former guise and had a fair bit of fun and even then it was more or less a 6mm show but what it was more than anything else was different. Yes it's probably will be the smallest show you will attend this year and yes it will have less traders than any other show this year (at least I can't see their being any less) and NO it probably as no bring and buy to have your stuff nicked from either.

Last year we had a couple of seminars which I am not sure if this will happen again and the original Dr. Mike painting clinic is in attendance but also a second one as well.

It's not far from the train station so it's an easy trip in if you don't want to drive in but being on  a Sunday it's going to be fairly light traffic wise. According to Peter their is parking close buy at just £1 for the day and some limited on street parking for free. 

I enjoyed last year very much and will be sure to attend this year as well, maybe just maybe I will be convinced to part with a little cash, who knows? Read about last year here.

The food last year was good and reasonably priced, and everyone seemed to be just chilling and having fun, something some of the other conventions seem to be a little lacking. Next time you go to a show, just pause for a moment and have a real look around, you may get what I mean. Anyway it's the day after the Open Day at Baccus HQ and so whilst it's good to chat with Peter, don't stand downwind he had curry the night before  ;-)

Lee that little monkey won't be at Joy of Six but he is more than a little responsible for both Lee and me looking beyond this years show as it seems we will be putting on a little display game as a warm up for Waterloo. Yes it seems we will be fighting it out at Quatre Bras, so in just over a year I will be part responsible for a Display Game, who would have guessed eh? Only one thing, don't stand downwind, bets are on that we will have been for a curry the night before.


  1. Sounds like a great day out, even if you did lure me here under false pretences! ;-)

  2. Had to reload this 4 times to get access to the comments section!!! Sounds like a good event if you are into 6mm figures.

  3. Obviously with no prejudice this is a must in any 6mm wargames calender. A real mecca of 6mm display and participation games which often get's overlooked at 28mm dominated shows (Derby is the only notable exception when one year saw five 6mm demonstration/participation games).

    It does have a strange relaxed atmosphere, some breathtaking scenery and games, I am really looking forward to seeing what 24,000 figures looks like (when we consider our Trebia project totals around 3,800 figures).... and the Islawhanda/Rourkes drift model is epic. I'm getting all excited....

  4. @ Michael, well you will never guess but I seemed to double the hits on my blog for some reason

    @ Andrew, sorry you struggle so much to get in, maybe it was done to the traffic this time ;-) I think it's worth going to even if you are not a 6mm fan, though 6mm guys will get the most out of it.

    @ Mike, yes it will indeed be a great show and better for the 6mm hijack, though it has to be seen which direction numbers will go. Last year at the figure design seminar we had three 28mm fans who had no idea that so much detail could be carved out of a small lump. I don't think any converts were made but a new respect was born.

    Calm down Mike, you have figures to paint, it's going to be a great day for me as I will come up on the train and just float around for the whole day and really take it in.