Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 17 June 2013

Another Week Another Building

I may have mentioned last week that I plan to aim to paint a building a week, well in case you missed it. I have hit on a crazy notion to paint a building a week, just because I probably can't. I won't be sticking to any single supplier though Leven look to have the better chance given the rather large proportion of buildings by them that I have in my collection right now. This will only grow as the buildings I have asked Mike to make come off the production line. More on those in a later post.

First up is indeed a Leven casting and a real easy building to paint. I think I spent just over an hour on this one plus basing time.

Base colour is that of Halford's car primer grey, though I have added a few other colours through dry brushing along the way. This is the warehouse IND10 from Leven Miniatures, and typical of Leven it's got bags of character  and looks the part. This will fit in nicely with my German town, though the building fits in many an area. This view is of the front with the stairs up to the first level.

Here we have the more interesting of the sides with two sets of loading doors all ready to get the goods on their way, after all time is money.

Double doors to the ground floor with large windows open and ready. Leven buildings tend to have texture to the walls making it easy to add a bit of character to the models, this is especially welcome with the more down to earth buildings such as this one.

As you can see, even the plain side has something to stop it being just a plain wall, this helps the painter add that bit more effort to the model and thus you get that bit more out of the model.

The tiles almost painted themselves. At first I felt I had gone over the roof too lightly but once the model was finished I was happy with the result.

So this weeks building is all finished and ready for a game sometime in the future, next up is a bit of a cheat as I will be finishing off a model started a few months ago, not only that but when finished it has a fair chance of being used in a game in the near future.


  1. Another rather splendid example, beautifully executed and that is this weeks done!

  2. Very nice building !!
    (6mm scale??? wow !)

  3. @ Michael, indeed, now I just have to get next weeks done

    @ Ray, Posh? I was not trying for posh I was trying for Chatham!

    @ Sam, yes and small 6mm too, Mike is an excellent sculptor of dwellings

    @ PanzerKaput, Thanks, loving your dabbling in SAGA, looking forward to the next few points.