Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Last Post?

Ok no need to be alarmed boys and girls, but.......................

Just had to do it.
...........if you don't get a post by Friday then it's all over, finish, kaput. Well as far as I go at any rate. You see in the morning I am off to hospital for a live biopsy. Nothing to bad in that, hell I had been told of the very very slight chance of it ending with the big sleep. Thing is, this is where being a gamer really does not help, you see this very very low chance is in fact 1 in 1000 nationally and somewhat worse in my chosen hospital! You see when it's words it's great, very very low actually sounds fairly low. Now 1 in 1000 is also low, but being a wargamer I could not help myself in thinking "I could roll that!"  I bet if I was a bee keeper I would have been equally happy with it being presented to me either way ;-)

So any hoots I probably already have my card marked as I went for my pre-op last week and to the question "any questions?" I could not help myself.

Ian: Just how long is the needle?

Nurse: Oh not very long

Ian: I'm worried about that then

Nurse: Why?

Ian: Because he must press on really hard to get to my Liver (whilst pointing at the bit in the booklet that states I may get pain in my right side and/or tip of my right shoulder)

Nurse: It's deferred pain the needle is placed in your side.

Not a bleedin' smile to be seen, twas a hard audience that day.

So being a stat like guy here are the bookies numbers

1-10 will have a bleed (I like to think of it as 9-10 don't)
1-20 will need to stay over night
1-100 will need a transfusion
1-1000 dirt nap

Another way of thinking about it is I am sooooo more likely to be dead on Saturday than win the lottery. I can only take comfort at the fact that I don't do the bleedin' Lottery! But I did watch The Syndicate if that counts.

So chances are very good I will be home to post tomorrow night, I have at least six hours lying down to think of a post or three (yes I will be taking a notepad). But it's a fair chance I won't want to, no sir. What I will do is post something Thursday, the Lottery willing. If you don't see anything by end of Friday I am propper poorly or brown bread. The latter will be proven by one of two things, nothing being written after Friday or Lee taking over the blog. I will be sending him the log on details (had planned to allow Lee to post on the blog already for Project Waterloo) he will either jump on to update you or maybe take over running the blog if he wants to, it would be all down to Lee and as I have not actually unloaded this on him maybe it will be the last thing he wants.

So expect to see me later in the week, older but no wiser! Oh and in case your wondering it is a Liver Biopsy to see what damage my condition has done to my Liver but it's not the usual suspects Mr. Fosters and his mate Johnny Walker, just a rather annoying ability to farm the iron out of everything I eat and drink!


  1. remember, don't say (when you roll the d1000) "anything but a 1"
    Then everything will be all right.

    Good luck, mate!

  2. Whose taking the money then, I got a £1 coin here and thinking long odds!

  3. Remember, it's only million to one chances that come off nine times out of ten so you'll be fine!


  4. I wish you the very best Mr. Lurker. It all comes out in the wash, even the bad stuff.

  5. Well, from a wargamer's perspective, the odds of you getting that 1:1000 chance are extremely low, so low in fact, that a gentleman would forgo even trying to roll for it.

    Not a pleasant experience and I wouldn't want to swap places, but it will hopefully be behind you soon!

  6. Good luck Ian, I too will have a quid on the long odds :p

  7. Good luck ! sometimes I think at something like that ....
    Horrific !
    But "May the Force be with You" ...

  8. Ouch....thoughts with you..., why not roll 4d6 until you get the 4x6's.... At least then you wil beat those odds. Just don't shout charge ..... Take care

  9. Luck, Chi, Joss, and the Force be with you.


  10. You've forgotten the +50 modifier for being a nice bloke. Good luck buddy.

  11. Chin up mate. It could be worse. At least they aren't making you drink Fosters... ;-)

  12. Best of luck mate, I'm sure you will be fine... Just be grateful you are not having the procedure performed in Ankh Morpork (Disworld), where, according to Terry Pratchett; 'Million to One chances come up up nine times out of ten!' ;-)

  13. I'd go and buy that lottery ticket before the op me thinks???

  14. Best of luck with everything. I'd buy a lottery ticket as well, what the hell. And to quote Han Solo "Never tell me the odds!"

  15. Best of luck! makes me think though how the hell would anyone know I died? got nobody to hand the blog over to. or close it... perhaps its best to give that password to my father.

    anyway best of luck and remember your also more likely to get struck by lightning.

  16. Here's to the nest post - lateness will not be tolerated! Good Luck Ian.

  17. Routine stuff, buddy; I'm not concerned. However, as a follower of this blog, how many of your miniatures am I entitled to receive, just in case...

  18. Well thank you all very much and if any of you win the lotto, don't forget my 10% ;-)

    Anyway. other than a little differed pain (right shoulder) all went very well though being attached to the monitors for six hours got old real quick. All made better by the constant chatter with the two other guys in the bay.


  19. Good luck there chap and I am glad to see that the check is finished. Is it now the wait for the results?