Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Back On Track

Well it's me doing the typing and it hurts only when I laugh (anyone remember what I am referring too?) I got back home at a half decent time last night but was shattered and dozed on and off through most of the evening. So with just a small amount of discomfort I am able to get on with it. I have the day off so will be taking the opportunity for some relaxed painting.

But I did get home last night to a gift from Mike at Leven. He was super excited and wanted to get showing off his latest handy work. Mike claims it is his best work yet, well it certainly is his biggest and he is probably right though I think a couple of recent buildings are not that far behind. So lets take a quick look at them.

This monster is St. Mere Eglise Church for all the 6mm WWII Bocage fans. This is by far the largest of his buildings to date (though he is working on 10mm). Overall it's really crisp casting with mostly just resin beads that need to be popped off with a scalpel blade.

Lots of detail, some interesting nooks and crannies though none that look impossible to paint. Mike I believe is pushing his materials close to the limit with the thin resin points on the tower. Adds nice detail but they wont be as robust as would be if cast thicker but they do look the better for it.

Next up is the Hartenstein Hotel, again for WWII 6mm but this time Arnhem is the battlefield. This is another great model and again Mike is obviously pushing boundaries as  can be seen with the two balconies and the walls around the perimeter of the building. 

Again the casting is typically crisp, the detail is all there and looks a good building to paint. I just hope that these two buildings will be part of a larger range so that you can put on the battles with the correct buildings over the table. Though of course I want certain other buildings to be released before that!

As you can see the detail is all over nice. This building should be a fairly fast paint up job even with all this detail.

Just to give you some idea of the size of the new buildings and the warehouse is three stories high and is a fair sized building. I don't have any information on price but given the pricing of other buildings I suspect you will be pleased with what it will be listed at. The Hotel is due out in July but you will have to wait till September for the church. Slap bang in the middle of these releases Leven will be releasing La Haye Sainte, which I already have and will be showing off here in a few days or so.

So a big thanks to Mike for a well timed present as it was a real nice welcome home.


  1. I'm H.A.P.P.Y. you're still with us!

  2. Cheated death again, well done. Glad to see the post and those are amazing buildings.

  3. So, you didn't roll a 1 on the permillenile dice then? :)

    Those buildings do look really nice

  4. Good for you Ian, those models do look very crisp!

  5. Nice to learn that it's all right for you!

    a beautiful church it is !
    I'm always stunned when I see so good buildings in such small scales ...
    Congrats to the sculptor !

  6. Glad to learn you're ok!
    Very nice buildings, some great details!

  7. See, odds in favour eh...

  8. Cor, the church and hotel looks tremendously good.

  9. OOOps did not realise I had not answered the comments.

    Thanks for all the good wishes, seems a long time ago now though.

    I will get the buildings all painted up fairly soon, the one building a week plan looks to keep me busy