Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 7 June 2013

Project Waterloo Prussia Gets Going

Well today is the 7th Of June, D-Day plus one in fact.I had intended a post on D-Day of some kind but an unexpected long day at work meant I just did not have the time to write a post never mind come up with the whole post from scratch. Not that the actual date really left my mind, but out of an office of about twenty staff I seem to be the only one until I finally mentioned it late in the day. Some blank looks and other people saying oh yes and that was about it. I guess it's because I am a wargamer that I felt the pull of the day more than the average Joe but it's the understanding of the day that brings it home more. Though I can't shake the fact that the Dambusters Raid seems to have received a lot more attention than D-Day even considering the Dambusters milestone anniversary.

No today being the 7th of the month is a milestone of it's own. One whole week of the month gone and not a splash of paint thrown in the direction of a figure, never mind a Prussian figure. It's been busy at work but I have not deserted the figures in entirety, no I have been busy prepping this months target. This is two regiments of Landwehr cavalry and three battalions of Landwehr, more exactly the three battalions of the Prussian 2nd Westphalia Regiment. So June is a Landwehr month. I still need to clean up one battalion and after that still have twelve mounted officers to clean up. These are for command stands as I have yet to do these. I have a feeling that these will all be finished tonight and primed in the morning. I think I need to as I need to get started.

But what of May? how is the project looking? Well rather good really as I managed to paint up two cavalry regiments, but it's never THAT straight forward. I painted up the 1st and 2nd Dragoons, but typically only one of these was actually at Waterloo, the other being only at Ligny. I knew this before panting them up but it's as easy to paint up two as it is one and I will need more for other battles so for me the logic is still sound.

I also painted up a few guns and crews and to round it off the 28th Reserve Regiment (2nd Rhine) of three battalions. So not too bad of a month all said. This keeps me ahead of the target on infantry, the cavalry counting just one regiment is also ahead as is the guns. So technically I am behind on limbers and command stands but I am not going to loose any sleep over that. Anyway eye candy time I guess

1st Dragoons, from Adler Miniatures. The only flag I found only had the one side so at this point it has two sides the same, or to put it another way the flag is upside down in the pic! Good job they are so small. I will get round to reversing the image and replacing when I do the next regiments.

The 1st Regiment had a detachment of Jager who I have added to the flanks. They had a nice touch of different colour to what is already a colourful unit. 

The Jager have black leather work whilst the Hussars have white straps, a detail I was relieved to spot! Typical of Adler you have lots of detail and the mixed poses help to bring the unit to life and make them that bit more realistic.

The great sculpting demands that you paint it which is great if you have the time but it seriously adds to the length of the project. Only two regiments in and I am already questioning the choice? No not really, though ask me again this time next year!

At last a regiment that was at Waterloo, these are the 2nd Dragoons and look Mum no greens. Other than the bit on the flag to show another that needs replacing.

At last a flag that is the right way round! I really like the blue I have used for the Dragoons. It is Vallejo Andrea Blue (841) which is a tad too bright but with the Chestnut Brown Ink spalshed over it I got it toned down to about right I think.

The side shot shows a few sins, straying paint on the saddle cloth, missed hair on the sword (since removed) but also shows off the shading on the shako's rather well on the Gurkha (sorry could not resist)

All in all I think they came out well, I know these Prussians will get played with a few times on the way to the Waterloo game so I do need to paint up more cavalry than I get to use at Waterloo to get other games in so having the extra regiments will not bother me at all. I even have a few Cuirassier regiments to paint up so a few rouge units will cross my table.

If I get chance tomorrow I will follow up with the guns and Infantry, though I have a few other bits to talk about, even some none 6mm! 


  1. It's fecking great work at that scale Ian!

  2. Nice work. What a great color of blue you have chosen!

  3. That's great painting for 6mm Ian, nice one!

  4. Amazing work... especially in 6mm!!!

  5. I have to say, you're slowly convincing me to try some adler. Nice looking unit.


  6. @ Fran, thanks, the sculps help a fair bit though,

    @ Jonathan, Cheers, I really do like that blue, back to Prussian Blue for now though

    @ Tamsin, Thanks, I still have two more to paint but that's a time away as I do what I need first.

    @ Ray, cheers

    @ dhc, well I was knocked out by your 28mm Prussians, still thinking of the drummer, you da man!

    @ FMB, Well the Adler cavalry are just excellent. You need to be extra careful prepping them as the legs are really thin but if you take care you get such a reward for your efforts. Just painting up some Landwehr infantry and these also have great animation. Two different poses for the infantry man so they look a little less regular.