Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Timecast 6mm Spanish Large House, Building of the Week.

Well the week nearly managed to slip by without a building being posted but fear not here we go. It's a bit of a cheat really as the building was already mostly painted but did need finishing off. Anyway part of the building a week idea is to push more buildings up the painting queue so a result I say!

As mentioned in the title this is a Timecast model and is part of a set of three 8/008 costing £8.00 for the set. So rather good value given the quality of the buildings. I do like the Timecast building's my main quibble is that they tend not to finish ranges off, and you are left with just a few different buildings as a rule. Not so with this range as it is fairly large and as it's well supported by Total Battle Miniatures the result is the ability to build a large sized collection.

Most Spanish buildings of this time would have been left unpainted with the colour of the walls based on the colour of the rendering over the stone. But with this being the largest Spanish building I have I felt it would need to belong to a rich family who could afford to paint the outside of the house. as such I decided that the plain stone part of the building would be best served as servant entrance and working area which led to the base work being done.

Typical of Timecast you get that little extra detail such as the barrel beside the back door. I have recently been given a number of small resin extra's from Mile at Leven Buildings, one of which is this great well. It just screamed at me that it needed to be added to this base (120mm by 120mm) and of course you have servants to draw the water.

I think the brush work could have been a little better and it's amazing what you pick up when you get this close in. For the table I guess it's fine and it certainly passes the two foot rule.

The walls started super flat and it's been made a little rough with lots of white coats of paint then dirtied a little just so it's not offensively bright. Same style of basing as my figures but due to the size of the tile I needed to do the base paint and sand dip, sections at a time rather than the whole base in one go.

Rather disappointing was the chimneys, it's almost like they ran out of interest at the end. Whilst it's possible the chimneys were a crude affair these just look unfinished and given the location of them it does lose style points do to this. Not that I don't like it but could have been a bit better in my mind.

Given that I had a well I felt I needed someone to do all the work so added a Baccus Sappers/Pioneers figure from EQU13 £3 a pack. You get four poses this one with a spade (I had this as a all wood affair) one with a pick axe, another chopping wood and a fourth one leaning on his spade. You get more than enough in a pack which is why Lee now has a bunch of them. Of course if I have a gardener then he needs something to garden, so here we have vines or whatever you want them to be. All in nice rows just like my Grandad tried to teach me.

Last look at the well, this is one of three water features Mike sent me along with a few other bits and bobs but more on those on another post when I have finished them. At this point Mike has not got these up for release but I hope he does add them to his lists as the 6mm wargamer will be very happy to get their hands on them, but as I say, that is for another day


  1. great looking terrain and even more impressive due to the scale.
    Peace James

  2. I really like this! Fantastic looking terrain, lovely details and very nice atmosphere...

  3. That is truly amazing and hard to believe its in 6mm

  4. @ James, thanks, it's a nice building and the big base really helps.

    @ Phil, it really fell together once I decided to add it to the big base, glad you like it.

    @PanzerKaput, Thanks, I have twelve more Spanish buildings left to paint and another twenty five for the rest of Europe all 6mm so you can see I won't run out for a while yet. The European Town I am working on though should look amazing when it's finished so as by the time I am finished you might be a convert ;-)