Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Baccus French Infantry - Bicorne New Castings Painted Review.

After painting up the later Napoleonic infantry from the recently released lines I quickly came to the conclusion that any review that does not include attacking the figures with a paintbrush is not much of a review, so with that in mind I can now finish off the previous review with the finished article. So here we have   NFR10 French Infantry - Bicorne (96 figs for £6) and NFR20 French Infantry, bicorne, skirmish (48 figs £3).

Paris Guard all dapper in their unusual uniforms.
Buying the figures just for review was OK but Lee pointed out I could have a go at painting them up as Paris Guard which I just might get to use at some point. This obviously had the advantage of giving me something very different to what I have painted recently. 

The four figure base of infantry are no longer the same figure repeated along the line, though the difference is subtle. The bicorne in some figures lies in front of the musket on some figures, others it is behind. I only picked this up on painting them as just looking at the castings does not make this apparent.

The detail stands out more and as per previous releases these paint up fast and easy. Given that the work was that but more fiddly due to the extra colours added it was surprising just how fast these were painted up.

Early French Napoleonic Infantry
Whilst painting up the Paris Guard I also worked on a normal version which I am sure is more use to the wargamers wanting to fight the early battles. So here we have a normal line Battalion ready for action. Obviously I still have two unpainted battalions and I will probably paint them up as these and flog the three battalions in one go, when though is the question.

I have never painted up the original bicorne French so can't comment on how much better they are than those but these are very nice indeed.

So when I say fast, what do I really mean? Well excluding basing I would guess at four hours for both bases which to say I was only painting one unit at a time for such as the jackets was quite a good sprint given some of the small detail that got worked into them. As such I have to give a huge thumbs up to Baccus, if your aim is quick to paint, good looking units then Baccus early and late infantry sure fit the bill.

I will try and get the Bearskin guys finished before The Joy of Six as I hope to pick up some of the French cavalry if they are released in time for the show but I have to fit them into a packed schedule.

For those following the Prussians, the three infantry Battalions have been done for a few weeks and I managed to add a couple of regiments of cavalry as well as these two French Battalions, these will be shown off next week along with a few other posts already planned.


  1. Thanks for this, I've been curious about the new codes.


  2. great painting Ian, always stunned by the detail you get in these 6mm

  3. So little and so impressive!

  4. Good God man, but those painted up nice.

  5. @ Ray, thanks, I really like the Paris Guard myself

    @ Firemonkey, Pleasure, all I can say is ALL the new figures are great looking figures, looking forward to the Guard which I will start sometime this week.

    @ Tamsin, Thanks.

    @ James, well the detail I get is supplied on the sculps so it's mostly painting in what I have been given.

    @ Phil, cheers, nice figures for sure, now what I am waiting for is the NEW figures rather than reworked but before that we will get all the original figures reworked.

    @ Anne, Thanks but not up to your standard, by the way have you got round to your little men yet? ;-)