Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Baccus Open Day and Joy of Six Show Update

I received the following e-mail yesterday and thought it a good idea to pass on the information regarding the Baccus Open Day and Joy of Six show.

With less than a month to go to the Great Big Fat Baccus Weekend things are moving apace here are at Baccus HQ. I won't say panic is setting in - more of a dawning realisation of what we have let ourselves in for!

So if you want to go to the open day you are running out of time to book a space.

Other Baccus news is that I just need to do the basing of the new French in Bicorn and so will be reviewing these again. I have come to the conclusion that the only real way you can review figures is by painting them, anything else is just a brief walk through.

I suppose it's now appropriate to start bigging up the weekend, so without further ado we'll start with the Baccus Open Day on Saturday 20th July. There are still places available to book, although the afternoon session is getting very full. The whole tour is free and you even get free chocolate Hobnobs. To reserve your place, get in touch with us via email or by phone on 0114 2724491.

The following Sunday is, of course, The Joy of Six show. This will showcase 6mm gaming with great looking demonstrations, participation games and hands-on painting workshops. With a range of 6mm traders and games covering all from Ancients through to the Cold War, this will have something for everyone. 

Both Nick Dorrel and Chris Grice will be there, showcasing their new SYW and WSS rules respectively. I believe that interested parties are more than welcome to take part in both games to see how they play. Per Broden will also be staging a spectacular GNW battle (Klissow) which will be played using Nick's GNW rules. This will be one not to miss!


  1. Lets hope it's a success but I believe it will be Ian.

  2. I saw someone else do a blog on going to the event and I immediately thought of you. You'll do fine, have loads of fun and have new things to paint in the bargain.

  3. Sounds right up your street Sir.

  4. @ Fran, it's a bit of a risk given that it's really a 6mm only show, though last year may well have been given that the games were all 6mm if my memory serves.

    @ Anne, like I need more figures to paint LOL, but we both know I will get some anyway

    @ Michael, Yes it seems I am becoming rather one dimension at the moment, that will change soon as I really need to crack on with some of the other scales