Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Building of the Week Large Town House Leven Miniatures

And it's back to Leven Miniatures once again, this time it's HOU01 Large Town House a snip at £2.00 and typical Leven in that it is not the basic box style and as such is an interesting building by itself. I think it's suitable for many periods and theatres. 

The Town House has a passage that runs through the house to the rear so you have some where to put your carriage. Unfortunately the area is not carved out, I assume this is either impossible or the results would not look good so you have to try and paint it so as to look right. This again is a building already painted some time ago but only just added to a base. This last week has been too busy to get the next building finished or the terrain bits I have been playing with.

I have to admit to really liking this building and will be getting another some time in the near future. As you will probably noticed it has been based so as to be part of my town. I expect that sometime in September I will add a shot of the whole town to date which should look something like a town as by then I will have a sizeable group of buildings all done.

Here we have the rear exit from the building which I may add another 60x60mm tile that will make the exit path work better. The painting standard on this one is not as good as I tend to do now but suits a wargames table so no problem really.

I used red and orange to make the brick colour then GW wash Nuln Oil over the bricks purposely applied in different depths to get the changing pattern to the walls.  The tiles had a light dry brush of a lighter grey to bring out the pattern. The whole model would not have taken that long to paint up which is great when you are trying to get a lot of buildings on the table.

Now all I need is a battle that requires loads of buildings, I am sure we can manage that. As well as fighting two of the Hundred Days Campaign we do intend to play a series of linked games based on the Napoleonic wars that we can play out with either side. This was born from Lee's mad idea of having all the nations in 6mm. I am considering the Spanish (early or late) and obviously will build the Prussians beyond Waterloo and still will get the French Guard even if Lee does already have them. Lee is a long way down the road of the Russians so it can only be a matter of time before they take the table and he also turns his attention to another nation, hopefully it will be the Dutch-Belgian's ;-)


  1. A great looking building! Wish these guys done them in 15mm aswell!!!

  2. To make a building that small and with such detail is amazing to me. And the price can't be beat. It sure does sell one on the idea of gaming in 6mm.

  3. These really are lovely, when do we get to see the street as a whole?

  4. Fantastic result on this building. I find it very hard to believe it is only 6mm! Awesome!

  5. @ Ray, well they are branching into 10mm, not sure they have the room at present to go into 15mm but if the 6 and 10mm provide enough sales via mail order and shows then maybe you will get your wish. I shudder at the detail Mike would try and squeeze into 15mm

    @ Anne, If I was mainlining on 15mm you would be lucky to see a building a year I think!

    @ Michael, Thanks, it's a bit more than a street to be honest, I have ready and based nine buildings with nine more buildings painted but not based and eleven more buildings awaiting their turn on the painting table so in hand I have 29 buildings but plan to buy more.

    I will post a picture or three once I have about a dozen finished.

    @ Roger, Yes the detail is great, as it is on Timecast and Total Battle Miniatures, the advantage Leven have is that they paint up so well and fast.