Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 3 December 2015

6mm Ancient Progress Report

So the 6th Annual Analogue Painting Challenge is now less than three weeks away. I have entered two side challenges this year. Most Ancient points painted in any scale and most points painted in 6mm. Given that a fair amount of my 6mm will be ancients it kind of dove tails the two together nicely. This got me thinking that I had yet to show off my 6mm army as it stands, well I had to do something about that.

Indeed I had taken the photo's of the lot when I finished off the three companion cavalry bases about two months ago. As you can see it's really starting to take shape, I still have plenty of figures in hand to further increase the force but will be getting even more post Christmas as I really want to push the size up a great deal.

I want to get the sense of mass and the pike really help with that. I have enough figures in hand for another three blocks but will buy more as I need at least twenty eventually.

As things stand I have enough figures for a couple of Thracian medium infantry bases, at least two more light cavalry with bow as well as two companion bases and a single Hoplite base. I plan to paint up all these during the challenge and for the 6mm challenge can move onto a bunch of already prepared 15mm Persian and Macedonian cavalry (3 units in total) and one unit of Hoplites. I still have plenty more 15mm not yet ready for painting if I manage to get through all these. 

I still have a load of part cleaned up 20mm Celts and a load of 28mm Vikings that are close to being ready for the brush.

I will though also take the opportunity to get on my way with my 6mm Polish infantry and Italian Cavalry that will be needed for some future games as well as yet more Italian Infantry.

Sticking with 6mm I also will be making a much needed push into The Boy's British Napoleonic's starting with his heavy dragoons and rifles. Then I have both Lee's and my ECW, so I guess I am OK for the challenge regards possible points in 6mm :-)


  1. Cool looking army. Think we should rename the ancients duel "Wot no salt petre", covers all relevant periods

  2. Cracking looking army

  3. If its one thing I admire about you Ian is that you always think big while your figures are small! Lovely army and I'll be watching your Paint Challenge progress with great interest as I do my own 6mm ECW :-)

  4. Ian, your army looks stunning!
    I wonder how one can see this and not fall in love with 6mm wargaming. :-)