Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 28 December 2015

Incoming Secret Santa 2015

My Secret Santa present has something in common with my Santa Clause. This being the present can and will be used with my kids. Both my son and daughter both rather like our cowboy games and these wonderful gifts will add that bit more to our games.

I received a rather splendid privy by 4Ground but to really add an extra level of fun I also received a man to sit on said toilet! No doubt my daughter will make all the right disgusted noises when someone (most likely The Boy) discovers the busy cowboy.

I also have a general purpose wagon that will sit along side the one I have already from Warbases. This is very welcome as having multiple wagons will really set the scene so much better. It will hopefully also get me to make up the other buildings I have in hand as well.

The wagon can be left unloaded allowing the odd target to climb into the wagon or I can use these crates and barrels etc to fill them. 

Last up was a Belt Fed miniatures lady, something I hope to paint up for the challenge as my lady entry perhaps? It's a nice casting so I will be looking forward to getting some paint on her.

So as you can tell I did rather better than all right, indeed I have to say I am very happy. Items I would not have got myself any time soon but all of which I am so much better for having which is exactly what I like about Secret Santa. And just like last year I plan to get all these presents assembled and painted sooner rather than later and then it's out with the figures and another fun packed game. The only question is will it be this or Saga first?


  1. Nice pressies from someone :)

  2. I love it, so funny, too. And yes, that's the fun I think, getting something that you might not otherwise.


  3. Some great pressies, nice one Santa!

  4. Those should provide you with some great family fun! Nice one Santa