Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Secret Santa

Bumping the post. Any more takers for this? Can all those interested in the SS please post a wish list on their blogs. If you also do a link post back here we may get a few more interested. I plan to run this again next year as well so if we can show it works I am sure we will get more interest next year

OK I am throwing this out there in case some of you lot would like to get into this. I used to be involved with an ASL one that was ran up to year before last and really missed that one package that had come from another ASL fanatic that I really had no clue as to what it was. Well it got me thinking to a wider part of the hobby and so I open up the idea to the rest of us to be taken up or cast to one side based on the response. Below is a quick outline of how I would see it working, nothing cast in stone and all open to change and improvement.
1. The spend plus postage should be no less that £10 or more than £15 or equivalent.
2. All interested parties to register their involvement via the blog and then send me an e-mail with the address.
3. I supply each player with the address details of a participant who they are to give a gift.
4. Gift can be sent direct from you, or ordered from a supplier (if in a different country to you, ordering via a supplier in their country can save a packet in postage)
5. Each player lists on their blog a wish list which can be anything, either books, figures etc. for the buyer to freely pick from.
6. Only if you run a blog can you enter.
7. No opening before Christmas to keep Santa from being cross.
8. Blog your present sometime after sobering up
So yell if I missed something, yell if it's a crap idea etc etc.


  1. Count me in too! I enjoyed the ASL Secret Santa and it's a way of guaranteeing some toys for Christmas! :)

  2. Sounds like a great idea, count me in as well

  3. Sounds fun. I'm in!

    Along with sending the name, would you include the person's blog so a Santa could investigate interests and projects? :)

  4. @ Conrad and Tim, good on you sports

    @ Andy, yes it was that Christmas day feeling of knowing I had something I would REALLY like but not knowing what it was that made the whole SS so much fun

    @ Jonathan, yes that would be the idea. Whilst I would encorage a list of item types you would like I would also think a good gander at the other's blog would allow for the santa to really get somthing the oter would want and enjoy unwrapping.