Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Three Days till D-Day

That is Derby, er, Donnington, well what ever it's going to be called now! I have to say that being at Donnington I am not sure if I should get out an old Monsters of Rock T-shirt. On second thoughts I am not really sure anyone would want to see me wearing a T 2 sizes too small!
Anyway trying to escape that image, with only a few days to go I have to pretend to listen to the wife about such trivial things as Parents Evening and resist having as the kids bedtime story a rendition of my wants list. So tough luck guys and gels, you have to get it instead.
Well first off it's not that big, both as the kitty is shallow and because I did enough damage at Partizan. In fact given the quality of the Baccus SYW figures I have decided no more Baccus French infantry till the new redesigned French Naps come out. Not that has stopped me ordering plenty of French from Adler. Mostly mounted or casualties to add that little bit more to the bases but I did order one regiment of foot for comparison.
No this years Derby Donnington is going to be building themed. First up the trade with Andy Mc for the unpainted Spanish Hill Village, but I am also buying a bunch of Russian 6mm buildings from his as well. On top of this I plan to buy a few Timecast buildings to compliment the Spanish Village tile and the other TBM buildings I got from Angle Barracks last week. Of course I also need some more buildings for my 6m ECW project so will see what I can pick up either timecast or another such provider. I don't plan to paint any of the buildings I have until I have gathered them all in so I can have something of a theme.
I also need a couple of packs of Essex Persian Cavalry to add to the ones I had for my Birthday from the kids. Maybe a couple of waggons from Baccus to go with the two carts I already have from Baccus but they are just pick up items. Maybe some arty for my Alex army, these look to be expensive in the army lists but they do tend to help reduce your opponents will to fight so well worth a look at.  Last up it's a visit to warbases for a quote on some custom bases and some rather boring 30x30's.
Looking back at last years purchases I have to admit to being rather pleased with the fact that everything except some Thracian infantry, two 6mm cavalry regiments and a few 6mm guns have been painted up and all that has been painted up has been played with (if not by ME!). This is the last one for me till probably Triples next year and if so it's a fair possibility that I will get all the purchased figures done before then. No issue with that as I really want to get into the Roman Army as well before much longer.
So roll on Saturday but today I have the opportunity of a full day at the painting desk, that is unless it's that Parents Evening, how can  find out without letting on I was not paying attention?


  1. Ian

    I'll probably see you there. I think all of us are coming!

  2. I will loo out for a group of trash talking northerner then ;-)

    I assume your there on Saturday, though I am both. Look forward to meeting up again


  3. See you there Ian - it seems like quite a few bloggers will be present. My shopping list for the D doesn't exist, although I'll no doubt pick up a few things.

  4. Even as a grey haired old crusty I love these events!!!Have fun!!

  5. I think you should wear the T-shirt!

  6. Now I'm just getting excited for you! Have a great day and take lots of photos.