Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 4 October 2012

6mm Command Figures

Having done the 10mm ADC's I was not really that excited about doing yet more fiddly painting but having played all the Nap games to this point with Prussian Commanders I was starting to hear unhappy mutters coming from my French Boxfiles.
This at least for the time being is the C-in-C, yes Boney himself. All four are Baccus figures from the command pack. Problem is it seems it really comes with three Napoleon's as I can't seem to find anyone else in the French Army who wore their hats the way he did. To show it's the C-in-C I have 4 figures on the base.
This is an Irregular Miniatures single command base, whilst they are a tad small I really like the look of the whole base so I have painted it up and reasonably pleased with the result.
Back to Baccus, I really like the detail Baccus tend to add to their figures. I have the Adler command figures on order for the weekend and hope these will add some more variety to the mix.
With only four command bases I really need to get more painted up. This is again Baccus and is he last of the figures I got with the starter army. The other command figure snapping off when I fumbled the clean up roll.
So my French will be commanded by French on their next outing, sometime in the future. Today though I am going into space for a couple of games of FUBAR, watch this space.


  1. very cute, takes a lot of skill to paint that small, well done.

  2. Well thanks a lot, though right now I am back to the 28mm WWII figs. I have finished the paint job on the Poles and made a start on the French who will get more time spent on them on Friday.


  3. These are brilliant Ian, great detail.