Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 21 October 2012

I need your details.

OK the Secret Santa has eleven of us taking part but I need the e-mail address and home address for a few of you. Listed below is all involved and what details I have. If you have contacted me already but  I have you listed as needing to supply, sorry but could you send again.
Conrad Kinch, need an e-mail with your address please.
Andy McMaster, I have details thanks.
Tim Callaghan, I have details thanks.
Jonathan Jaynes, I have details thanks
Phil Broeders, need an e-mail with your address please.
Donogh McCathy need an e-mail with your address and details of your bog please.
Dartfrog, need an e-mail with your e-mail and address please.
Mike Whitaker, need an e-mail with your address please.
Thorsteinn Evans, I have your details thanks.
Phil Hawkins, I have your details thanks.
So for those needing it, here is my e-mail address
ian_willey     that is underscore as in press the shift and dash (sorry for anyone just insulted LOL)
hotmail dot com. Obviously without spaces and separate lines (bet I just did it again eh?)
Anyway just to add a bit of recent activity from me. I have just about finished a six base of Galatian Heavy Infantry for my Later Seleucid FoG army. 24 figures in total which was fun to paint, all I need to do is varnish and add tufts to the bases so should be done before Homelands tonight. I have already prepped the two heavy bolt throwers I bought at Donnington (Derby) and four crews. Two for the Seleucid and similar armies and two for use as the Romans for the Roman Army. I can see me starting this army in earnest before the year is out. Talking of prepping I have all of Andy Mc's ready to paint and these will be started on Monday as I have received the new paints and a pin drill. All in all things are coming along.


  1. Donogh, thanks for the details, I removed your message so that it can't be harvested by the spammers. I have e-mailed you so we should be fine now


  2. 22 Stanley avenue Wallasey ch45 8 jw