Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 29 October 2012

Baccus wagons and Guns

What is Napoleonic's without Artillery? I have a glut of Artillery for my Irregular Miniatures Prussian army but the French had just a few guns painted up. I then bought a Baccus army pack which comes with 4 guns and I ended up in a worse position! The problem being that the artillery size difference is far greater than that of the infantry and cavalry and that is bad enough. So once I had painted up the first four crews and guns I really now only had 4 guns! Well I have come a bit closer with the painting of the four crews below. The guns have been borrowed from the other crews as I will paint up the crews and limbers at the same time, hopefully later in the week.
At the same time I painted up a pair of waggons from a pack Barry shared with me. This gives me 4 waggons in total. Having played two scenarios already where waggons have counted towards the victory conditions I expect them not to always be just scenery on the table.
Baccus supply the waggons with this covered load that has the handy option of just removing for an empty waggon, allowing flexibility.

Give that the interior is detailed it would be a shame not to allow the load to be removed. The first scenario Barry and I played with waggons had my Heroics & Ross waggons masquerading as water waggons. Now after a small amount of knife work I don't have to again.
I attached a very old 15mm barrel to the back of the cart. I had to cut small sections out of the front and back of the cart. The result was rather pleasing.

So next time my troops need a refreshing mug of water I can help them out. I bet we won't need a waggon in a battle for an age now.



  1. Great work, I particularly love the converted water carrier; great job Ian.

  2. Wagons and carts always give an army and a table such a great feel. I need to do some myself... great work.

  3. I like those wagons Ian and a great job with the weathering on that barrel!

  4. Thanks for the comments, apriciated.
    @ Anne all I did to weather was add nut brown ink as a wash (as I do all my 6mm figures) acts the same way as Army Painter and other products do in thelarger scales. Though I had painted that barral 15+ years ago so it would be weatherd I supose.


  5. They look well - though you better set to work. Happiness is a warm gun as you well know.


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