Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

15mm Ancient Artillery

Whilst painting up the 6mm I also had these on the go. I already had the Roman crews as part of the Roman army  was given earlier in the year but they did not have and artillery with them. I wanted to get some bolt throwers for my Seleucid army anyway so purchased just the two bolt throwers and two sets of Greek type crews (all from Essex Miniatures). The idea being that I can just move the bolt throwers between the four crews.
As you can see the bolt throwers are a tad on the large side, well given they are heavy artillery I thought I would make sure everyone knows about it!
The Greek crews are in three different poses and with the limited clothing etc. were extremely quick to paint up.

The Roman crews though are more involved making them more fun to paint. I would say that between all the figures and the artillery itself I spent less than a couple of hours so a nice and easy project to do.
The flash bleaches the colour somewhat but you get the idea. I added a couple of strands of cross stitching silks (from my own collection not the wife's LOL) which I dipped in PVA glue so that they would look as if they are snapping back after unleashing a shot.

he FoG Principate Roman Army can have unto six of these beasts or a mix of six between light and heavy so I may yet get more. Also other Macedonian armies can have up to four heavy bolt throwers so more reason to consider buying them. Te great thing about Essex Miniatures is that they supply the crews as separate items so I can mix and match saving quite a lot on the engines themselves. First though they need to be battle tested to see if they are worth the 20 points each. Lights are 17 points each, not much of a saving but at least these can move around the battlefield.


  1. Great artilleries, very nice work!

  2. I do like the figures I bought from Essex. They get detail into such small figures. These bolt throwers are really cool Ian and the taut string on the back looks great. I have to learn how to do things like that!

  3. Splendid, always fascinated by Roman weapons of mass destruction! Imagine one of those bolts heading towards you - ouch!

  4. Very nice looking figures, they look like they're gonna do some damage.


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