Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

28mm WWII Sniper Reminders The Poles

Well these have been a long time coming. It's about a year ago that I started to paint up the Sniper Reminders starting with he Germans, Russian and American as these are the most popular ASL nationalities. These have done really well and when I next added the ANZACs, Japanese and British I was surprised that these were nearly as well accepted. The British due to a brain fart ended up with an extra pack and just so happens to be the least popular (figures) but here I expect a fair bit of a drop off. Reason being the next three are some of the least played nationalities in the game at the moment, these being the Polish, French and Italian. Well I will break them down here into three posts, one nation at a time.Lets start at the beginning.
I've painted up two of each of the sculpts. Here we have the poor bugger trying to chamber another round. All the Polish figures from Blacktree Design seem to the weighed down with more kit than you could ever wish for. Lots of leather belts as well. These took a fair chuck of extra time to paint up. I just went for Summer Dress and none of the French equipment as I did not want to confuse matters with the French later in the process.
My favourite of all the figures from the three latest nationalities. Still burdened down but at least he does not have a helmet to carry as well. I really like the Blacktree figures as they ave good detail. Even the standing pose has movement to them. Talking of detail this guy has a bayonet over his entrenching tool, a nice bit of detail that adds layers to the figure.
Not sure how this guy manages to get enough energy to run but watch out here he goes. I did the straps on his backpack in a different colour to the rest as per a couple of examples I had seen and no I was not heavy handed those straps are double layered so are THAT thick. I think the Poles lost because they could hardy walk from all that kit  ;-)
This pic shows off that entrenching tool but without the bayonet. So here we have the Poles, I have just painted up eight for the time being but I think I will need at least another four. Took me an age to get them started but I managed to get all 24 across the three Nations painted up fairly quickly. At the moment I have 24 Galatian heavy infantry in 15mm on the go. These have all the tricky stuff done except the shields and I now have the instructions for Andy Mc's next three regiments but I have had to order five more pots of paint so these will have to wait for these to arrive. Plenty of time then to finish what's on the desk.


  1. Some very nice work Ian, they do seem to be carrying a lot of equipment!

  2. I suppose for surviving out on the battlefield for long periods of time?