Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3D Sniper Reminder Giveaway

The second Giveaway will be ASL themed, this being a set of three Sniper Reminders. One each of American, German and Russian, these replace the cardboard sniper's that come with the game. If ASL is not your thing but you just want the mini's then feel free to enter.

Above is an example of the German and Russian figures, the ones received may be of a different pose. The figures are Forged In Battle with the bases custom made by Warbases for me. 

As always you need to be a follower to join in, if you are not yet it's simple to do. Along the right hand side is a black/grey box that expands when you hover the mouse on it. Click on the bottom button (labelled subscribe) and follow the instructions . 

Just leave a comment and your in the draw, if you run a blog please supply a back link. You have till 2nd of April to be included in the draw.

I have six draws to do all told with one a day, you can enter as many as you wish, winning one does not stop you being entered in any of the others so if you like all six go for it. I have two lots of these to give away.


  1. I shall give it a go, count me in!

  2. Thanks guys, I also have a bunch over at the ASL blog gunning for these so don't count your chickens, well all but Ray as we all know he ALWAYS wins something. Do you know why Fran?