Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sniper Reminder Giveaway

Another ASL themed giveaway, this time it's a pair of my Sniper Reminders. The idea is that you place the little chap next to the board setting the number to your SAN and with it being there as a prompt catch all your sniper activations. Well that's the theory, though I think for some they act as good luck charms. 

The lucky winner will be sent pictures of all the Snipers I have painted up and possibly all the ones I still have yet to paint and they can choose two from the lot. 

If your not an ASL player but fancy a pair of 28mm WWII figures then you can enter, just let me know if you don't need the base on and I can remove the figure allowing you to base up to the rest of your troops.

So this is the fifth giveaway, now we just have tomorrows Red Republic Games giveaway to follow. Sunday will just be a normal post followed by the winner draws, these will be done the evening of the relevant day the giveaway was launched and allows last minute jump in's though once I start drawing up the names that will be that. 

So if you want in on this one, the previous four or tomorrows giveaway, or indeed all of them, you just need to be a follower and leave a comment in the post of those that interest and your in the draw. Winning one does not remove you from the draw for other prizes so feel free to go for it.

The figures shown in the post are not the full choice and some of these figures may already have gone, correct images will be supplied to the winner.


  1. Sniper goodness, I'm in again!

  2. You are far too generous Ian!!

  3. I'll throw in for the Sniper Goodness!

  4. These are nice Ian. You know which two I'm in on. I'm just stopping by to show support to my fellow blogger.

    Have you seen Fran's post? I think you owe him a payback or two on that one )

    1. Anne, that's a different Ian, I am so hurt you thought that could be me ;-)

      Other Ian

  5. the world needs spipers to keep the peace!

  6. Count me in, I'm always forgetting snipers...MMP should ship the games with snipers with a little dry erase window so you can add the number on like in vasl....

  7. No way, that would put me out of business ;-)