Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Friday Quiz 7

Answers should be added on Sunday, no slacking this week!
Questions 1-2 are  Ancient to 1600, 3-4 are 1600-1914, 5-6 are Post 1914 and 7 is all my own.

1. Who was Lysander?

2. Who Commanded the English Fleet that fought the Spanish Armada?

3. In the 17th Century, what was King Philips War?

4. Name the commander of Rorke's Drift garrison during the battle?

5. Which two Latin American countries contributed forces to Allied operations in WWII?

6. What was the Argentine flagship in the Falklands War?

7. Parliamentarian troops were scornfully called Roundheads in the ECW but who were the Roundheads that the name was taken from?

OK lets see how many have a go and how you do.


  1. 1. Greek admiral - Spartan?
    2. Francis Drake
    3. pass
    4. Lt Chard, "the Officer of Engineers"
    5. I would guess Belize and Honduras, maybe Panama?
    6. the General Belgrano
    7. from the Puritans (because of their closely cropped hair)

  2. Yes, a Greek question, I know that one!

    1. Lysander was the Spartan admiral who defeated the Athenian fleet in the Hellespont, effectively ending the Peloponnesian war.
    2. Something to do with native Americans and the colonies?
    3-7 No idea, although I recognize a couple of Tasmin's answers.

  3. 2 Sir Francis Drake
    3 Conflict between the English colonists and Natives in Massachusetts colony. Good use for your shot and pike troops if you wish to wargame it.
    3 Michael Caine
    4 Brazil and Mexico

    These aren't getting any easier, didn't Lysander design a bomber?

  4. 1. Athenian General?

    2. Sir walter Raleigh or Frobisher. I'm saying Frobisher.

    3. I have no idea - war of Spanish Succession?

    4. The engineer - John Chard. In real life both him and Bromhead were complete idiots. They'd been left behind at Rorke's Drift as neither was considered much use.

    5. I'm going for Brazil and Belize.

    6. General Belgrano - GOTCHA!

    7. Something tells me it was London apprentices but that's half a memory

    1. Drake! I meant Drake. The bowling match!

  5. What Tasmin said! ;)

    She's always too quick for me, and knows more of the answers. But I knew Drake and the Belgrano!

  6. 1. A Greek Hero
    2. Drake
    3. War between English and French Settles in the new world
    4. Capt Chard
    5. Brazil and Mexico
    6. The General Belgrano
    7. The haircuts of the London Apprentices who joined the Trained Bands

  7. Ooops this ain't Sunday is it? So on with the answers

    1. A Spartan general and admiral, whose cutting of the Athenian grain supply effectively led to Spartan victory in the Peloponnesian War.

    2. Lord Howard of Effingham (yes it does sound the answer to a joke but seems it wasn't Drake!

    3.A war between Indians and settlers in New England, 1675-78 King Philip was the principle Indian leader involved.

    4. Lieutenant JRM Chard, Royal Engineers.

    5. Mexico and Brazil, though a number of others declared war on Germany in the last few weeks before Germany surrendered, now that's rich LOL.

    6. 25 de Mayo, yes I also thought it was the General Belgrano

    7. The London Apprentices had short hair to show they were under apprenticeship but the reason it was used as an insult was that in the years just before the First Civil War they had been very unruly and marched and protested for various reasons and were considered rabble-rouser's and scorned by almost everyone.

    Sorry for the delay and yes they did remain harder than I expected as a few I thought had other answers.