Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Friday Quiz 6

Right I will from here on in be picking the questions rather than going with a set, so I hope these will be somewhat easier than they have been. 1-2 will be Ancient to 1600, 3-4 will be Early modern 1600-1914, 5-6 will be 1914 onwards and 7 will be a question I come up with. Hopefully making this a tad more fun than the last couple.

1. How would Romans have used a tortoise.

2. What does the term janissary mean?

3. Who was the first commander of the New Model Army?

4. Which Napoleonic marshal sat on the touch-hole of an Austrian cannon to prevent the destruction of the Danube bridge at Spitz in 1805?

5. What was a Big Wing?

6. What kind of warship is the Kiev?

7. Which Nations troops were first to suffer the gesture of having two fingers raised at them as an insult?

Well I hope this one appeals to you guys and gels


  1. 1. The testudo - they locked shields to front, sides and overhead to provide all-round protection from missiles as they approached a position they were going to assault.
    2. I used to know, but can't remember it right now
    3. Fairfax
    4. pass
    5. A formation of several squadrons of fighters pioneered during the Battle of Britain by Lee Mallory. It had a bad reputation at first when the Luftwaffe was bombing airfields in Sussex and Kent as it took so long to form up that by the time it got moving, the Germans had finished bombing and naffed off back across the channel. When the Luftwaffe switched to bombing London and other cities, its reputation improved as it concentrated large numbers of fighters against the bomber formations allowing more kills. Unfortunately that was often after they had done their bomb runs, but a kill is a kill....
    6. pass
    7. On the balance of probabilities I'll say France

  2. Tasmin beat me to the 2 responses I had (the tortoise and the fingers). That sounds like an Aesop's fable....

    1. ....or some very dodgy pr0n *eeks*

    2. I was trying to keep it clean! ;p

    3. Tamsin is not known as Potty Mouth for 'nuffin you know :-)


  3. 1. On the assault, under missile fire
    2. Slave-soldier
    3. Fairfax
    4. Lannes?
    5. pass
    6. Large Aviation Cruiser
    7. French

  4. So far not as many responses as I would have liked, maybe this is getting old?

    Maybe need to do a poll on keeping this going, shall run one or two more before deciding.


  5. 1. as an infnatry sheild formation or maybe as food or an eating bowl.
    2. Dunno.
    3. The gamer who built the brand new models but only sprayed them black.
    4. Dunno
    5. Big Wing was that Battle for Britain fighter concept of massing up or....a Special meal Deal for chicken Wings at Kenfluccky Fried Chicken fast food.
    6. Kiev warships are made of Chicken, they have garlic butter and herbs in the middle with crumbed coating on the outside. They failed as battleships but made nice dinners.
    7. Azincourt, French...english saying come and chop off our archer fingers if you think you can. If you are crazy enough to eat frogs and snails you will give it a go but end up losing a battle.

    Sorry tried to keep it like comedy.

  6. Under the excuse better late than never................

    1. To assault a walled city by linking shields to protect against missiles from above and to the side.

    2. Yeniceri literally New Troops

    3. Sir Thomas Fairfax also known as Black Tom

    4. Marshal Lannes trying to persuade the Austrians that there was an armistice and they should not destroy the bridge. The rouse worked.

    5. A group of fighter squadrons brought together to attack as one combined force. Early use was a failure.

    6. An Aircraft Carrier.

    7. Yes the French as English bowmen had their fingers cut off before release so that they would be no use in future battles.

    Again sorry for the delay, what with Mothers Day, then out most of yesterday and since then head down at the painting table.