Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Friday Quiz 5

This is not the monitor in question five but it is at Hampton Roads.

Again I will post answers on Sunday, so how will you do?

1. Which Confederate commander was dubbed the "King of Spades"?

2. Who led the relief force to Kandahar in the Afghan War of 1879-80?

3. Where did Thornhill's Rough's (also known as the Carving Knife Brigade) gain fame?

4. Where did Napoleon first employ his lozenge attacking formation?

5. Which ironclad monitor was sunk at the battle of Hampton Roads?

6. Who said The object of artillery should not consist of killing men on the whole of the enemy's front, but to overthrow it, to destroy parts of this front... then they obtain decisive results; they make a gap?

7. Who, in 1902 said We are a bloody cheerful-looking lot of British subjects?

Well I scored a big fat zero after passing over what would have been my only correct answer. Oh well, hope you guys do better.


  1. I'm with you Ian. A zero for me as well.

    But I've had a go.

    1. Robert Shovel
    2. Bob Geldof
    3. In Gordon Ramsey's kitchen
    4. The Battle of Fisherman's Friend
    5. The Milk Monitor
    6. The owner of the biggest artillery shell factory in England
    7. Bruce Forsyth

  2. A BFZ for me too. However, Phil's answer to 6 is incorrect. The statement in the question was from the owner of the second biggest artillery shell factory in England. The owner of the biggest artillery shell factory responded to this statement by saying "Pish, tosh and balderdash! Artillery should be firing non-stop along the whole of the front so that they have to buy lots and lots of shells. How else are my shareholders meant to make huge profits, errmmm, I mean, how else are we to win this war? What do they mean they got that on tape?"

    1. That made me laugh out loud. Nice one Tam!

    2. I loved both sets of answers, one of those real LOL moments.


  3. 1. Magruder
    5. No ironclads were sunk at the actual battle.

    These quizzes are tough.

    1. Yes I think a change is needed.


    2. Regards the ironclad, I assume it sank a little later through damage sustained?


  4. Some I am sure I know ,a few educated guesses

    Robert E Lee
    General Roberts , later Lord Roberts
    Seige of Peking
    USS Cumberland
    Boer war leader at a guess – Kruger?

  5. @ Dave, you did rather well, as in lots better than anyone else and close on some of the others.

    Next week I will cherry pick two from each category and add one of my own. These should be easier than these which are rather less fun for the difficulty rating.

    So to the answers

    1. Robert E Lee,

    2. Sir Fredrick Roberts

    3. Defending the foreign legations in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion (1900)

    4. Wagram (1809)

    5. The Tecumseh.

    6. The Comte de Guibert.

    7. Boar General Jacobus De La Rey.