Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 29 March 2013

Confederate Infantry Going on E-bay?

Close up Time

After five days of giveaway posts I thought I should do a post with some figures in it. This lot was supposed to be a quick set of points in the challenge but ended up taking as long as any of the Napoleonic figures I have recently done. Seems if you want a quick dash best stick to the Union.

Formation 1
These are four units of 24 figures each, I have mixed them up a little with pale blue trousers for most with the odd brown or grey pair thrown in.

Formation 2
The flags and figures are Baccus and were for the most part really crisp, I can fully recommend them as the vast majority need next to no prep work.

Formation 3.
These are destined for e-bay either on Saturday or Sunday unless someone here want's them. I was given the figures by Matt for painting up some of his figures and figured I could do a reasonable job on them and turn a few coins. 

Formation 4.
All are based on 30x60mm bases (Warbases to be exact), and based to the new system which all new armies will have from this point on. 

Formation 5.
I will be putting them on e-bay for £20 a formation for 1-3 and £5 each for the skirmish screens plus actual cost of postage. Typically £18 is the going rate but that tends to be a worse job with the painting OK and basing a little below this standard but the flags tend to be just stuck on like starched undies. It takes a little more effort to get the wind swept look but I think it makes all the difference. I think I beat the £10 guys in all categories so hope to get £20 at least. However anyone here want any of them, I will offer them up for £18 for 1-3 and 4-5 at £4 per formation. All plus postage at cost. 

If you want any just leave a comment to that effect stating which you would like. First come first serve. I will either post them on E-bay sometime tomorrow or Sunday depending on how much time I have to spare.


  1. Thay look amazing and I hope they do well for you

  2. Fantastic painting Ian! Far too small for me to paint.

  3. Thanks guys, Roger you never know............