Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 4 March 2013

Third Annual Painting Challenge Painting Fee

I've finally got round to paying the fee to enter the Challenge for this year. I've had the figure since about two weeks into the Challenge but waited till  had the urge to paint it up. I have to admit that I copied the overall theme from the web site selling the figure but the pattern on that figure was kind of no how so went with a fairly simple design but tried to replicate throughout. Not too ashamed of the end result though some of the other Samurai I have seen makes it look like I used crayons!

The figure is more like a true 25mm than 28mm though it should fit in with the others Curt will be receiving. At this point I did not have the sand and paint's for basing so went with the ballast I bought for the Deluxe Snipers a month or so back. 

This is my first attempt with static grass and I quite like the result though I had another go yesterday and like the result a lot more with sand and warmer paint colours for the ground.

Cath was not at all impressed with the Pampas Grass saying it added nothing to the figure so on sending images to Curt asked him if he wanted to keep or have removed the long grass stating Cath's opinion. Being a gentleman he wanted to keep it as shown. Of course this does not mean Cath was wrong, but I do prefer the added detail if only because that hand sticking out just needed a thumb adding to make like he is hitching for a lift!


  1. I don't want to sleep in the doghouse, so I'll say both ways look FANTASTIC.

  2. I think you are been far too hard on yourself as this is a great job. I love the idea that he running his hand through the pampas grass - very Maximus Decimus Meridius! ;)

  3. That was a lovely figure Ian and great work doing the design freehand.

  4. I won't lie I was sort of thinking why the grass, but after a few moments admiring your handy work I actually do think it adds to the model without the grass I think the figure would look like he was reaching for something that was not there. With the grass he looks like he is sort of running his hand over it in a compenplative kind of way.

  5. I always like to see free hand work on a figure. Very nicely done and personally I like the height of the grass.

  6. @ Happy, feel free to say what you like, it's great that Cath is so honest. I don't always take her advice or view but I rely on her honesty.

    @ Michael, I'm starting to think that may have been the origins of the idea, hidden way back, I say way back. I don't think I am being hard on myself though. I think a lot of the Samurai entered are better than mine some far more so than others cough *Michael* :-) whilst I like mine more than some others.

    @ Tamsin, thanks but I stuck to a very simple pattern, I know my limits LOL

    @ Fran, thanks, what's happened to Ray, have you buried him in the yard?

    @ Smillie, you nail it for me, it needed something and I have plenty of the long grass on hand.


    1. Yes, Tim and I are honest with each
      other with project stuff too.

      Just works better that way.

      Cheers :-)