Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 7 March 2013

3D Sniper's The Russians Arrive

Painted up the Forged In Battle Russian 3D Snipers which more or less will bring this project to it's close. I will only do the other Nations in dribs and drabs if I can find small quantities of each other Nation. The Russians for me have been a bit of a disappointment as the castings whilst quite crisp tended to have issues with sculpt. The biggest issue being straps that are plainly visible on one side of the figure disappear once over the shoulder. Also one pose all had a big flap of flash covering the bottom half of the face. 

Whilst this can be dealt with it's a fair drop in quality from both the Germans and Americans. Let's just say that if I was to do more 15mm Russians I would be looking for another supplier but would still consider Forged for other Nations.

Still they painted up fairly quickly and now are ready for anyone who want's them. I would have loved to take them up to Heroes this weekend where I am sure I could have sold off a number of them as well as the Sniper Reminders but better still I could have a great weekend of ASL, still I plan to have my own ASL weekend in a week or three or.............

This is the one I am keeping, I painted him up as a Commissar so he should bag he a Hitlerite or two. Given that the Sniper Reminders are still being panted up over 18 months after the project started I am rather happy that these guys were on and off the desk in such a short period. Another thing I am rather pleased with is that I have just finished off the Baccus WSS command for Matt making that the fastest I have painted up a whole army. I am now going to throw myself at twelve bases of Prussians for a total of 336 figures, I want them based by this time next week then it's probably back to the 15mm and 6mm ECW the first lot being with Curt awaiting scoring.

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