Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Just The Base`ic` Facts

So I have the sand, the paint and the flock, all that was required was the action. So I played about with all the components which included trying out three different final dry brush, these being MP Pale Flesh, Coat De Arms Unbleached wool and Vallejo Ivory. These were blind tested on Cath and she picked out the same as me which was the Pale Flesh, go figure?

This is the result after flocking. The top highlight being strips of the three different colours and two slim strips of no top coat. Would you have known that if I had not mentioned it? I have the thing in front of me and it's not that obvious.

I have not varnished the base yet, will do this when I do a number of other bases I have done. I now have three 30x60 bases done this way (same size as this) and the crews of two gun crews all ECW as these poor guys have been neglected. I have to say I am rather smitten with the result and I will be doing the Prussians in this style. You won't have to wait too long for these as I have them set up next, well after the WSS command I have looking at me right now.

I should get the next lot of figures off the bench today or by tomorrow night so once they have been up on Curts blog for a couple of days I will post the pics of the ECW which will give you a  better idea of how the base plays out.


  1. are the figures wearing personal cloaking devices :)
    base's look ace
    Peace James

  2. I can pick out only two different colours. But the terrain is varied which is good. Looking forward to seeing it with the figures in place.

  3. The bases look splendid, the miniature however needs to remove the one ring!

  4. @ Fran, cheers ma dears

    @ Ray, more cheers ;-)

    @ James, I've told Curt the base holds 20,000 6mm figs, doo you think he will score them for me?

    @ Anne, you have better eys than me, but hardly surprising given the amount of 6mm I have done recently

    @ WN&T, that Sir got more than a small chuckle from me