Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hobbit Style Birthday

Well I did want to get this up yesterday but what with all the painting and cake eating and what not I just did not have the time. I have been planning this for the last couple of months as I have always liked the idea from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where rather than getting presents on your birthday you give them out. I have been working with a few of the hobby suppliers and have come up with a series of giveaways that will start next week. Details of who has agreed at this point below. But before I do I thought it only fair to pimp one of the many giveaways that are going off right now, I am talking in this case of Sippin' On Paint Water which at this point is offering his second Easter Basket giveaway. Head over in a minute to join in but first 'ave at it with mine.

Leven Miniatures has kindly donated a cash sum value of their very nice 6mm Resin Buildings, and me original review right here. If your into 6mm from Medieval through ultra modern you will something you will need so keep an eye out for this.

Rosemary & Co. will be supplying a lucky follower with some of their great Series 33 brushes again reviewed here. Just to add to the review I have painted over 2,000 figures with the same four brushes in the last three months and they are still going strong (well ones tattered but what do you want?)

Red Republic Games have offered a casting of the first figure cast in resin along with a resin base, activation token and 4" x 6" Art Card. See the resent post on these guys here.

Me, myself and I will be offering;-

£20 (or equivalent) gift that can be spent at any online shop you like and I can get to take money off me. 

2 x Sniper Reminders for the ASL fans

3 x 3d Snipers from the Russian, American and German stash I have.

It's possible I will get a few more sorted before this starts rolling next week, but I already have a couple of suppliers who want to get involved later in the year. 

So the rules are the same as always, you have to be a follower and leave a comment on the actual individual post when I post the actual giveaway. You can enter as many as you wish but I just ask that you only go for any you actually would make use of or would love to own. If you run a blog then post a link to any giveaway you put yourself down for. 

And last of all, if you use any of these companies post seeing them on the giveaway please mention it to them, part of the idea is to prove to suppliers that making use of blogs for new product news, promotions and offers is a very cheap and useful tool. As such I would love to get as much feedback to them as possible. Same goes for any post you see here or any other blog, if you see an item on a blog then go on to buy it, mention the blog as the source of your interest. That's how I ended up buying buildings from Leven Miniatures, Phil at The Wargaming Site posted about them.

So come Monday you will be getting some good reasons for popping in for a visit. Feel free to comment here but remember only comments on the actual prize posts will count.


  1. I shall be entering that's for sure!

  2. Count me in, I haven't won anything in ages!

  3. Happy birthday! I know you said not to do this, but I think you're bluffing--go ahead and enter me 20 times for each giveaway.

  4. I'll be entering and I use Rosemary & Co. brushes. Happy Birthday!

  5. Many Happy Returns and I shall be entering too

  6. Thanks all, it all starts on Monday so be ready, well you have a whole week to get in on the act for each giveaway. Each runs for seven days and one starts each day so we will have results coming in daily.