Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 9 June 2012

An Afternoons Painting

I am all charged up to get my third phalanx of pike done for the Macedonian army to make it a legal army before moving on to the Seleucid Army which of course uses the pike as well. Sitting in front of that task was four Australian WWII 28mm figures which were primed but that was it. Well after returning from Lee's this afternoon I have cracked on and painted them up super fast for me. These figures are fairly easy to paint which made the job so much easier. The picture was taken just after applying a wash so is shinny. I hope to get them varnished and on the base before bed tonight and the basing done through tomorrow. Tonight maybe will see the pike cleaned up ready for priming, well I can dream can't I?

Not a lot to do on these to get them all finished up. The uniforms are a little darker on this bunch which was intentional and I think look that bit better and that bit less faded. The bush hats are also a few shades darker which is not obvious on this photo.

So once these are finished it's the pike as mentioned, but I will also start some of the 20mm Numidian cavalry. Also whilst at Lee's I picked up the 10mm ADC's I committed myself to paint for the guy who used to run the Wargames Holiday Centre for his new project. Turns out there are 13 of them, I will also fit these in between projects, yep I'm not short on diversions!


  1. Very nice and what a distraction! I remember having some airfix Australians as a lad; always a favourite.