Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 3 June 2012

May The Month Be With You

April was big and smelly for me. Two weeks lost to being ill and no good news that I could remember!! So May did not have to do much to improve my mood but what a month it was! Thanks to some good people here in the world of blogging I was shamelessly pimped that took me from the low 40's to 76 followers that I now have and also padded out my visits to the extreme. So Guys and Gal, thanks much. Last Month I nearly doubled the visits with 2406 and over a quarter of my visits came last month! I guess I rose to the challenge with 28 posts which felt good and is the most done in a single month, March was fairly close to this but no other month has been close. Obviously I had the giveaway which helped keep interest fairly high and the question is, when next?

So posting was high, but what of other things? Well obviously we had Triples and if not for Partisan being the following week I could have made two cons in a short period! So my purchasing was up and that helped fuel the painting fire. Not only the six buildings I bought at Triples or the two units of 24 Companions but a fair bit more beside. The thing is I still have the brush between my teeth the only issue is what first? One reason for this full speed ahead can be seen below.

OK by many standards this is not great shakes and I really still need to organise it properly but for me it's a massive upgrade to my small portable table (though it will still get plenty of use).

Game wise I just got the one game against Barry with miniatures and the ASL has dropped back from the normal but from a potential I can't complain. Andy this week, Barry hopefully soon after and Lee as soon as we can get sorted. Hopefully I will also get to play with Lee and his mates and the 28mm Nap's that I mentioned a few weeks back. So it's fair to say it was the Merry Month of May.


  1. glad to hear things are going so well for you :-D now i must get my followers list up

  2. Congrats on the explosion in views and followers, that is an impressive amount.
    Congrats in the upgrade in table space. And who doesn't need to clean their station?