Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 21 June 2012

There Here!

At the end of the last post I mentioned I had been offered a Roman Army from a fellow gamer in Holland. Well surprisingly it landed yesterday as the sender had sent it priority post! This was more than a bit of a surprise as I was not expecting it for a few days more or longer. I really had no idea of what to expect as the conversation was fairly vague. Well the army is Late Imperial and looks to be right for the Dominate Roman list from the Legions Triumphant FoG book. If I have not missed my guess I will be buying that book sometime soon. The figures are all Essex Miniatures and was bought for a DBM project that never got started years ago (how many of us does that fit?). Looking on the Essex site they have this army as a starter pack and after sorting the packs out I will need to add a fair few to field the list as shown but given I have 36 packs (or 213 figures!) I have saved a bundle on the cost of the army. I was toying with the possible idea of a Roman army at some point so this has proven rather fortunate. Already I have the Catapracts out of the box and on my prep table as I needed just four more figures to complete the required unit from the figures Martin had given me (allowing me not to use the poor quality castings that also came in Martins force. I doubt I will do much with the Romans in the next few months as I have a couple of projects that are close enough to being finished that they will keep my attention but come later in the year these will be a great diversion from the other projects I am working on.

The stash!
From reading other blogs I have come to the conclusion that you can fit wargames into compartments based on how they react to certain things. OK give the majority a pile of shiny and we all get hot with excitement, only a few would ever groan. But, when you move away from this say bet into other areas it gets a bit grey. So how about answering these few questions about your self.

1. Long run of bad dice in a game, do you
a. Swap dice (again????)
b. Swap Dice as you can't be bothered to retrieve them from the far corner of the room.
c. Laugh it's after all ONLY a game.
d. Believe in the bell curve so know they will come good soon
e. Turn the air blue with every roll. even average rolls as the dice now owe you?
f. Use a pool of dice so who knows which are the nice dice and the ones for crushing?

In ASL I use precision dice so keep the same dice throughout. In dice fest games I just use a pool of dice

2. In a game you notice your opponent has missed an opportunity, do you
a. Smile, this is going to be easy.
b. Good I need the break, I may even win
c. Point it out, it's just for fun, right?
d. Wait till after the game and add it to the after game break down of what both of you did right and wrong.

Again in ASL I often point out such things, even in competitions, it usually bites my ass for it. Same really with figures. In the old days  it would have been a.

3. Your opponent misinterprets a rule to your advantage, do you
a. Grin, teach him to rely on my knowledge.
b. Say nothing, it balances the mistake in his favour last week.
c. Point out the mistake and take the lumps.
d. Ask are you sure you have that rule correct and let them find the error.

C Always C, learn from mistakes at the time, makes for better games.

4. You can't agree on a rule interpretation (really?)
a. Stand your ground, it's a point of honour.
b. Seek help within the club, Internet, the Samaritans.
c. Debate it out and go with the most plausible/historically accurate.
d. If you can't agree within a short period, roll a die and that's how it is for the rest of the game.

We used to argue like mad, a used to be the way then we woke up to the fact that wargaming was not fun anymore. Mostly it's d with a good bit of C thrown in.

5. Your close to the end of a project, do you
a. Speed up even at the cost of quality, maybe base them up wrong ;-)
b. Slow down and saviour that moment where you will complete something (if only till you see x)
c. No change, it's all the same when you look at the pile of lead to paint
d. Stop quickly and paint something else, it's so wrong to finish something!
e. Go on e-bay to see the going rate as you will never play it anyway
f. Start looking for the next big project.

I am a bit of a A though I do enjoy the run down.

6. Starting a new project, do you
a. Research the period, buying books, search the net for all references, compile a list of what you need and what order you plan to do it.
b. Get the rules sorted, get the army lists and bag the best army in the book (victory is mine!)
c. Do enough research to find a army that interests you and make a start.
d. Know what you want and start buying the figures etc. Later do research and start to replace the figures you thought were right.
f'. Have whats left after everyone else has selected the armies they wanted.

My Persians were 100% F, though they have done me proud. Now it's C with a bit of B thrown in. Playing a fun or interesting army is more important though.

7. You look at an army you have not used in a few years (decades?) Do you
a. Get it out, have a good look at it, remember the good games you have had and then put it back in it's box.
b. Get it out, wince at the standard of painting and wear and tear. Quickly bung it back in the box and forget about it for another few years.
c. Give a mate a call and ask if they still have x and do they fancy dusting it down?
d. Realise their was a reason for stop playing it and get it on e-bay for some other sucker to own
e. Bring it up to date with a few repairs, a touch up or ten, re-base for the in rules and get games in.
f. Give it the kids

A is where my heart is, E is what I have been doing and it's so much better than A. Who has not off loaded THAT army though?

8. New guy enters the club, do you
a. Look down quick, it's your turn anyway.
b. If it's a young one then sod them, GW fodder anyway, if it's older check them out, if they say the right things continue to talk to them, if not see a above.
c. Say hi and leave it to them to take it further.
d. Explain about your game, tell them the rules, ask about what periods they like and if you mesh offer a game for the coming week.
e. Take one look at your opponent smile and offer the guy a place in your game controlling a wing.
f. Take one look at your winning opponent and slyly offer the new guy half your opponents force to command

New = lifeblood, I tend to invite guys into my games, nothing hooks you more than joining in. It's a good way to get new opponents and be introduced to your next big thing.

9. The clubs going to put on a game at a con, do you
a. Offer to organise, you know a great place that rents vans, I can paint half of what is required, I'm off to buy the figures......
b. Join the organisation and help fund the project as much as you can afford.
c. Offer to paint figures for the project and play
d. Offer to help out at the Con but no time to paint
e. Sorry guys but I don't need my head examined and will see you there.

Now I am a C, got the time and inclination. Previously I was more inclined to be a E, never helped at a Con (organised a Sealed Knot stand once at Derby) and have had the opportunity just was not interested.

10. New rules/figure supplier etc etc (the bling effect)
a. New you say? I've had it months
b. Yep will buy it, just to take a look at it, post on the blog etc.
c. Been waiting for this to be done, buy it and get it ready and play it (what could be better)
d. Wait to see it in the flesh when someone else has bought it, seen at a show.
e. Wait for e-bay to provide it at a good price.
f. Why would I bother? I only ever have had this one army.

Tend to be a D, taken punts on rules coming back to the hobby with good and bad results, though for some e-bay has been the route.


  1. 1.E
    2.C unless it's Ray.
    3.C same option as before.

  2. Excellent post!
    1. B
    2. A, especially if it's Fran
    3. D
    4. All of them!
    5. Never got to the end of ant project....yet!
    6. D
    7. A
    8. B, then E, when playing against Fran.
    9. A
    10. D