Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 4 June 2012

Agema and other Companion's

Spurred on by the opportunity of a game I managed to get painted and based 24 Companion Cavalry in less than 7 days. This is possibly the best work to quality result I have had to date in figures. So to reward myself I did this..........

I was the only one not to cheat!!!

Yes as a surprise for the kids we had a street party in the house for the Queens Jubilee, well it was raining though it's quite possible I would have been less wet outside.

Praying to the dice gods?
It is doubtful we have had so much laughter in a day as we had yesterday and I really don't care how much painting time was scrapped for it.

So back on track, I painted both units up at the same time which speeded up such as the Horses and tack etc. Here is the second unit of Companion's which in fact gives me more Companion Cavalry than I can use with the Alexandrian Macedonian list but the Later Macedonian would use them.

Shown all drawn out and yes that is a telegraph pole each man is carrying! I went for red tunics with yellow cloaks so they will stand out on the table.

All figures are 15mm Magister Militum in both units. I have started to use the Vallejo Sepia Wash for all but the sniper reminders that will use the Devlan Mud until used up. I am finding the Sepia not to be even close to DM but works well enough that I will continue with it.

The Agema, I used three different reds for the different sections of painting and whilst it is not obvious at first look in the flesh you can see enough of a difference to make it worth the effort. I really like the in your face finish on these figures, lets hope they do well when on the table.

The face masks on the helmets really took my fancy and I like the result. I realise the unit is the cream of my cavalry but I felt they would look better if the armour and helmets had a little difference between them so whilst many have the same, I included enough changes to break it up a little.

Overall I am rather pleased with the result. OK both units are supposed to be lance and the Agema are dwarfed by the rest of the lances in my army but I can turn a blind eye to that, now all that needs to be seen is how well they all do on the table. It's going to be fun fighting with/against an army that has for the most part never been used and those that have managed just a single learning bash.


  1. A week, Ray said an hour the whole unit, nice work to me mate!

  2. Nice painting Ian, love the yellow cloaks and don't take any notice of the twat above!!

  3. Nice unit. By the way, those Magister Militum miniatures are the old Chariot miniatures, aren' t you?


  4. Fran and Ray, you two at work eh? I can picture it now, Fran looks up from his screen "I just got you in troooooouble!!!"

    Ray quickly starts scanning all the blogs Fran follows LOL

    Fogsoldiers. Yes they are, I really liked everything about Chariot when I first met them. The guy was really a nice bloke and they brought their young kids to the cons, plus they loved cats so what can I say? The castings still seem to be crisp so I continue to buy a lot of their stuff.


  5. You got it Ian, he's done it on a couple of blogs the shitbag!