Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baccus Open Day Saturday 21st July

Baccus have another open day planned for the 21st July and a games day for the following day. Baccus are based in Sheffield so for the Northern unwashed and the hub that holds it all together (Midlands) it's potentially a rather good opportunity for seeing how it's done or playing a game. For full details click here.

The open day is the chance to get to see how Baccus cast their 6mm figures and they take you through the whole process from lump of lead to finished product. The tour takes about two hours and they have two session, morning and afternoon. I am booked in for the afternoon session along with a couple of desperate souls. Booking is required as it is limited to x amount of peeps and assorted hangers on (i.e. spouses). I am really looking forward to this and was worried we might miss out given it's just 6 weeks away. Obviously I will post on the even for all those of you who may struggle to get there.

The open gaming day is in fact a fair bit more. Several of the rule designers will be there to answer your questions on where and why? Display and participation games are on offer with possible table space for players to bring their own and have a game! If that was not enough a painting clinic is being put on where you can even have a go if your brave enough! All said it looks to be a great couple of days and I hope I can swing it that I can get on the second day as well.

Both days also have that rather nice opportunity to add another face to that lead mountain under construction somewhere close to you. Me it will be more French, infantry for sure but possibly guns as well.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but too far south for me I'm afraid :(