Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Numidian 20mm Army Advances

I painted up a box of HaT Numidian Cavalry a couple of months back and was surprised at the speed they were off the table. Well next up was a box of Zvezia which are a fair bit more detailed and showing less flash. This time I expected speed, OK not as fast due to detail and the extra figures but speed none the less. I was not disappointed, the lack of equipment on the horses make them a speed paint for sure.

The picture above shows the new arrivals, three light cavalry units and a medium. Based for Impetus as some of you may well know. I really liked working with this brand and only wish they did more figures that I could use, well worth the extra cost. The original units I based the lights four figures to a base and was not fully happy with this, so this time tried three and I like the look a lot better. I probably will remove the extra figure on the other two bases sometime and reposition giving me an extra unit!

This is King Joba, yet to be based as I want to get round bases for my command figures. I know under Impetus you are supposed to have them within the units but Barry and I decided we wanted to have them this way. I have copied the box rear panel. The detail is fantastic from his cloak pin through to the studs on the shields straps.

The HaT all have shields whilst these have about an even mix between shield and without which I rather like. I have bought a further two HaT boxes already so will have all the light cavalry I need (8 units) but not the 16 I could have!!!!

The medium cavalry unit. I was going to place six on the base but this was too crowded, I will save that for any army I do that has heavy cavalry in it. No this army just has the one medium cavalry unit, even the Roman deserters are lights!! I have four of the five figures with shield but I see it's more tactical use and numbers rather than armour that defines then medium cavalry.

The whole army to this point. Who would have thought buying that one box of Roman Auxillia would have ended up with a full army on the go? So far we have 6 light cav one medium and two Roman Auxillia. I have under prep all the light foot, these should be started next week and look towards finishing them late that week or the following week. Just waiting varnish and basing are 24 15mm Cataphracts which should not hold me up too much.

A view from above. I said last night that all I needed to do was photograph the figures then I could put them away. Cath asked if that bothered me as it meant they were not getting any use. After a small pause I told her no as I know they WILL get used and whilst that may be months away (as it is with some of the other figures I am working on) it will happen. I then went on to mention that some guys never paint their figures but play with armies painted by others whilst yet others just paint figures with no intent to use them, even if they are based as if for wargameing. She could understand the reasons behind the former but the latter was all alien to her. Oh well, bless.

Oh if your reading this and your not at The Blog With No Name then chances are your at the site of a theif who takes others work, pretends it is his and makes money out of it. What a cad eh?


  1. The patience you must have.

    Happy Weekend :-)

  2. Thanks Gowan,

    I will Happy, it's Sunday Morning it's dank, wet and a little foggy. Perfect weather to go watch my Nephew play American Football (he is a RB, yep I know were Brits but some of us are well brought up!

    Have a good weekend as well after that work intrusion!


  3. Excellent work Ian. I'm looking forward to meeting them across a table.

  4. Great work Ian, I used to play American footie many moons ago, and now have a dodgy back and knees to prove it!!

  5. Thanks Barry, really looking forward to using them, NOT looking forward to facing the Romans!!!!

    Ray I have the knees without the Football, Badmington and Sealed Knott took their toll for me. Was a good time, score 79 to zip so was not a good game as such even when it was his team on the right side of that score!!!