Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 2 June 2012


OK Broadside is next week as I am sure many will be aware from all the other blogs trying to help out the organisers after not one but two mags let them down with paid advertising failing to get into the mags!!! I decided to wait awhile and more act as a reminder as these things can sneak up on you.

Well that does not seem enough of a effort to make do a post so I guess I had better will you in hobby doing's. Met up with Andy my first ever opponent over the weekend. He introduced me to both wargames and rock music, I recon he owes me a small fortune! Anyway he is back in the area next week for a number of days and we hit upon the idea of having a game. Now Andy has not played in years and years, his figures are as he put it, buried behind a pile of shite. So with this in mind and the guilt of the poor lads sitting on the painting desk for some time I finally got round to starting the Agima and Companions I had undercoated. These are for my 15mm Alexandrian army and I am pleased to say that all 24 figures are now based and awaiting flocking etc. Yes they will be ready for a game next week. For me that's real fast painting and trying to keep the momentum up I have already started to clean up 32  more 15mm foot (Peltasts) and 4 more 28mm Australian's for the Sniper Project.

So Wednesday or Thursday will see a fairly complete Alexandrian Army facing off against one of the possible Persian armies I can field. I will assemble the Alex army and then build a Persian to a similar point value. It will be interesting to see how Andy reacts to new rules whilst I either face or play with what amounts to a brand new army (about 4 units have been used in one test game over Christmas).

Meanwhile I hope to get a game of Napoleonic's in with Barry and another FoG with Lee before too much longer which would give us three games together with these rules. So after a rather heavy painting period I hope to be rewarded with a fair few games. Sometime next week I also hope to get the turn back for my Diplomacy Game, I know France is expected to force his way to Burgundy which threatens Munich but more on that when it happens.

So a four day Bank Holiday and ten days of having the kids off school, lets see  what effect it has on the painting front.

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