Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pimping Time - The Lead Legion

OK I have planned to do a little payback since I received the pimping that got my blog the extra followers but predictably the first pimping could end up benefiting me. Lead Legion is a painting service that has a fantastic offer. Follow the blog, leave the usual comment and either plug the blog on your blog or like on facebook. The reason is hitting 50 followers and rather nice is the prize, that of £50 of painting time. You supply the figures and they supply everything else. They have a good number of shots of their work and it looks all rather good. You only have till I think next Sunday to get in on the act.

Another painting service that has recently had a giveaway is Fog's Soldiers. This blog has quite a few posts that have little to do with the painting service itself (as does Lead Legion) which makes for an interesting read, nip over and see what you think.

A great thing about Painting Service Blogs is that you can measure yourself up against their standards, marvel at output and steal the odd idea just like any other blog. But what you get extra is the possibility of checking out a possible supplier of reinforcements if you are hard pressed or just not into painting. I actually spoke to the wife (yeah I know) about the LL offer and her response was

1. Shut up I'm watching the Telly

2. It speaks!

3. Who the hell are you?

or 4. But would you want stuff painted by someone else?

Now that's a good question but then again I have all those pikemen, all waiting to be painted so my response would be

1. Sod Off

2. Sod Off

3. Sod Off

4. Sod o..... I mean yes dear.


  1. Great plug!! These women just don't understand?????

  2. She was REALLY watching at the TiVi!!
    funny "battle report"!

  3. Man Up? Man UP!!! Why don't you try it? Me I'm scared to death of her!


  4. You actually told Cath to sod off ?
    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. It is easier to seek forgiveness than permission in my experience