Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 29 June 2012

Cataphracts get Finished.

A strange story of old figures and generous friends all combined in a few figures. In a recent post I mentioned a friend in Holland gave me a Principate Roman Army that he was no longer going to paint. Within this army was four cataphracts, enough for the DBM army but these would need friends for the FoG army. But for the Selucide army I needed a further 4 to make up the full complement. I also have some more but the castings are not great so had already decided I would not use these and would indeed get the extra pack I needed. The rest of the Cataphracts had been given to me by Martin who had fully painted about 4 figures and part painted another 15 odd figures. I have already painted up a further 12 cats way back in the painting contest leaving me with 4 unpainted figures which were the same Muesum Minatures as makes up the majority of this batch. The other 4 bases (12 figs) being Essex the same as the new ones. All in all it works out well and I now have enough to field in the Roman and the Seleucid armies. The biggest challenge matching up to Martins' style though this was made easier by being mostly metal coated. All figures needed attention after spending time in the tool box and suffering a fair bit of rub.

The new guys look rather mean!! I like the look of the essex far more than the Museum, mostly because the Museum are such small castings they don't really look the part. Also they have both front feet off the floor at the same time, not sure why as with all that weight I would expect them to pitch forward!

Very quick to paint and base and again it's nice to include some of Martins' painted work with my own. I am a chunk of a way off fielding a Seleucid army but I aim to do so before I have had the figures a year which is November. The clock is ticking.


  1. Nicely done; I'm also constantly impressed by the generosity of the people who share this most wholesome of hobbies.

  2. I love cataphracts... Why am i painting moderns I want a cataphract army... maybe a modern cataphract army

  3. I like that last picture. Even the way they stand. Plus, they even look a little bit alive.

    Cool stuff.

    PS: Thanks for the thoughtful comment you left earlier. I'm feeling bunches better today.

    Boogie boogie.