Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pimping A Blog and then a ECW Regiment

First up the blog. Really I don't see this so much as pimping as bringing it to the attention of anyone who is in to board wargames rather than figure gaming, or like me both!. Yockbo's Boardgame Blog already has a fair following of 58 peeps and over 61,000 hits so it's no fledgling. What I like about Stephen's blog is that he plays a very varied group of wargames and euro's, mostly wargames. He also plays ASL and other game series so you can get a real feel for some of the games he plays. Stephen comes across as a very experienced player and as he has several different regular opponents you get to see different styles played out. We get a little under a post a week from him on average, though these tend to be on the long side with lots of pictures. Basically a full Battle Report (After Action to us ASL bods). I have to admit I have tried to copy some of the style of Yockbo's so I guess I am a fan (hope he don't sue me now LOL).

Trying to keep up the Standards.

I also have been pimping up a old ECW Regiment. After all the blather about The George only being allowed to run the full depth of a standard of Royal Lifeguards I noticed a very old regiment I had rebased was missing it's standard and the two I had in my box both had the full George. Clearly I dare not stick that bugger to the base, you lot would lynch me! So instead I have repainted it first using a new blue I had just bought (Vallejo Andrea Blue 841).

I still of course have the best part of two armies to base up for a practise game of FoG:R, right now though those Macedonian boys are pulling at me. As can be seen by the progress, hoping to have them done by early next week.


  1. This sounds like a fun hobby. I once painted ceramics. That was relaxing.

    Now I clip coupons.

    Also relaxing.

  2. I'll head over, me and Ray need advice!