Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Adler 6mm French Command

I already have quite a few Baccus command figures for my French army but under most rule sets including my own you need more, up to this point I have been using spare Prussian command figures so knew I needed to increase the quantity. I went with Adler to get a greater mix of poses even though the vast majority  of my units are Baccus.

I have a total of eight bases worth prepped, that's 24 figures in total. Given the detail and amount of time each figure takes to paint I am trying to average one figure a day, this allows me to keep the task fun and at the same time with about three days for each base to complete means I can drip feed the blog with the images. I just think they will have more impact being released one at a time rather than eight bases all in one hit.

I have a mix of poses with some moving like these, others galloping with swords held high and others just standing so a nice mix that will add a lot to my army.
The detail on the figures are insane, much helped by the fact that they are a good 2mm larger than 6mm but when I compare them to the 10mm command I did last year these still have greater detail.

I have to admit that Adler win the battle of eye candy against Baccus but nothing beats Baccus when it comes to speed of painting especially when you include the time spent on prep (which you should). Baccus tend to be very clean and almost ready for priming whilst Adler need both knife and file to bring into line. Yes it's worth it but when you have them in mass to do such as Battalion packs I am sure it must be a real pain. Once done they will look stunning but you have to put in a major amount of time and effort.

I do plan to increase the amount of Adler in my French army, not hard when you consider I only have one each of infantry and cavalry, but I also intend to have a good mix of Baccus and Adler in the Prussian Army as well. When the new Baccus French are released I will be buying more of the infantry (first to be released) and I will also add their new Command figures as well.

I will finish Matt's cavalry today and move straight to his command but next up after that will be 15mm, but none of the listed units, these will be the Russian WWII for the Sniper project.

Talking of Russian's Lee e-mailed me this morning with news that he will have his first batch of Napoleonic Russians in about a weeks time. I can see a small scale tilt coming off not so long after that, well it would be rude not to.


  1. Really nice , great paint on this small scale , good work Ian