Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Guess the Connection?

Yes that's horse Muck!
Not sure anyone can get this on it's own so here is pic 2.

Just concentrate on the Yorkshire Pud.
So maybe, just maybe you have already made the connection. Well for those still struggling with my twisted mind, it's all to do with Sunday 3rd of February or at this point, tomorrow. Last year the connection may well have had heaps of snow everywhere or a picture of a Landrover flying over a bloody roundabout but I digress. No it's to do with York Racecourse and more importantly the wargames show that will be held there tomorrow. Last year saw a bit of a low attendance (including some of the traders) so it will be interesting to see how many go this year. 

Last year I bought a few bits of plastic card and other bits and bobs but over all I don't think I bought much. This year the buying will include a few paints and possibly some new Prussians for my Naps but that very much depends on what I can sell at the show. 

York does not have a bring and hope no one steals it, rather you rent a table at £1 for 30 mins. You can't pre-buck and if your lucky you can have a table for two slots if no one else wants it. Seems a great idea but flawed down to the time restraints. OK if you have a few much wanted items it's great. If like me you have a few rather less sought after gems then maybe you need longer than half an hour. Hell I think I may need a few hours to do it justice. But anyways I will be taking a rather mixed bag in the hope to keep neutral through the whole year in one hit. 

First up is the much talked about Numidian Army, 20mm plastic's told you I was into niche marketing. I have fairly low hopes to move these but they will be priced to reflect this. Next up my Prussian 6mm army of 96 bases of infantry, cavalry, guns and limbers. That does not take into account of the command bases. Painted by Red Triangle painting service years ago for the most part these are lovely but they are also Irregular so again not as mainstream as I would like but I am hopeful. If they sell I buy the Prussians. I also have just over half as much French by irregular and they are up as well. Then I have lots of Citadel castings, really lots of them. Then I have a few rule books and army lists that I fully expect to sell.

Lee also want's table space so I think we will both try and get table space one after the other and share the space. Last year the tables became free of use fairly early but that was with all the snow. I wonder what this year will have to show for itself.

The main reason though is to meet up with other friends and jaw as well as possibly new ones from the world  of blogging. It's a rather full day for me as I have James coming round for some ASL whilst we wait for the Superbowl to come on TV which we plan to eat our way through. Bags the 49er's, I only want to see the Ravens crushed.


  1. Enjoy your day out. I have decided to give it a miss due to "its the economy stoopid" main reason. So staying focussed just ordered the stuff i wanted on line yesterday.

  2. The Ravens must be crushed, they knocked out my beloved Broncos!!!

  3. Sorry you could not make it Dave, I know your real reason though. You want to trade places in the Challenge LOL.

    Ray, crushed they were not, it looked very much the other way round and I wonder how many went to bed just after the second half started. Ended up a classic, right down to the wire.