Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Quiz 2

Well last Fridays quiz went down well so as promised here is another, this time we step forward to 1600 to 1914.

1. Who was von Seydlitz?

2. Who had overall command of the relief force during the attempt to reach Gordon at Khartoum?

3. Which action of the ACW was known as the Battle Above The Clouds?

4. Who was mastermind behind the Union's naval blockade of Southern ports known as the Anaconda Plan?

5. What society did the Chinese Boxers belong to?

6. Who said In siege warfare, as in the open field, it is the gun which plays the chief part...It is with Artillery that war is made?

7. What type of troops were Sudanese jihadiyya?

OK around this time tomorrow I will post the answers, no real pressure on you guys as I got just the one right, oh well.

Now it's back to my Hussars, won't get them finished today but high hopes for tomorrow.


  1. You do realise we'll be expecting these every week now?

    Only got one this week, 4 is Winfield Scott. I think 3 is something like Lookout Point, but can't remember exactly.

  2. You do realise that's the idea? ;-)

    The one you got was not the same one as me, maybe we should team up


  3. Okay, if I was at a pub, was very drunk and was with someone who knew all the answers, I could ace this thing :)

  4. Jesus I'm getting worse, I only know the first one and only that he was a German general in WW2!

  5. 1. a cavalry general in the Prussian army of Frederick the Great
    2. Roberts
    3. no idea
    4. Winfield Scott
    5. Order of the righteous fists
    6. Napoleon (probably not, but he'd agree)
    7. light infantry iirc. Probably the guys we know as fuzzi wuzzies

    Fun questions! although it's discouraging to see how much I've forgotten over the years.
    But, Ian, as much as I love your blog, the flipcard lay out is a pain in the ass. Took me half an hour to get these answers up here, changing browser, because Opera won't see your comments. Questions took 5 minutes because I tried from memory

  6. @ Anne, I know how you feel Anne, though if I was drunk I really would not care less about the answers LOL

    @ Fran, err, not quite mate.

    @ J de, not bad at all from memory. A few you have right are not quite 100% but in a pub quiz I would give them you.

    That's the first negative about the flipchart, I moved over about a month ago. Still not 100% it will stay and I am keen to here all views. One big plus for it, is that so many of the older posts are again getting some attention where they have been ignored for well over a year.

    Will have to see how it goes. Will leave answering the questions till tomorrow in case we have a few late answers. Maybe this time it was harder than the previous one?


  7. It's definitely much cooler than classic view. It's just a bit too technologically advanced for some browsers. Which is only a problem if you want to view the comments or comment. Probably not a problem for most users.

  8. @ J de, I agree it's cooler and I do like the look of it but of all the blogs I follow only the one uses it. I have no problem going on his blog to view his comments or leave one so I was not even aware it could be a problem.

    So the answers

    1. Frederick the Great's cavalry commander during the Seven Years War

    2. Sir Garnet Wolseley

    3. Missionary Ridge-Lookout Mountain (November 1863)

    4. General Winfield Scott

    5. The Righteous Harmonious Fists

    6. Napoleon after the Battle of Loebau (1809) this is the one I got right

    7. Riflemen

    Next Fridays quiz will be 1914 onwards so plenty of time to revise ;-)