Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Prussian Project

As I mentioned yesterday I will be painting up the Prussians in 6mm for a re-fight of Waterloo. Not a public display but for personal pleasure. The idea is that we will use the massive table that Lee has and it obviously has the advantage that we can leave it up for the months it will take to play. I just hope we get the odd extra person to help fight it. Being as I am also painting up the French for the battle I am bound to be fighting against some of my own troops. Lee is also probably going to be doing the same as I expect we will be using a mix of both of our French as I assume we may need to. It's going to be stunning and obviously it will be played out on the blog. Can't think of anything better than fighting out battles on their anniversary and it is one of those epic battles. I am also aware that Matt IS putting on a display game of the self same battle and is also busy painting up the British for the battle. having seen his Borodino game at the Worlds this year I know it's going to be good. As for ours I do not know to what extent we will be going for terrain eye candy. I suspect it will be done via the usual hills and such to give a good rendition of the terrain without trying to model the exact setting. Also the number of figures on the table at the Words was jaw dropping, as to how we marry up against ours will be interesting to see.

I have already got the Prussian OOB that we will be working too, which has allowed me to work out two painting time lines. The first for just the battle itself and a second if we decide to do the whole campaign and I need a few more (cough) units. In fact given the length of time between now and May 2015 (self set completion date) I have the dangerous prospect of plenty of time to do it. Even the full OOB can be done without to much worry.Well till I look at the cost.

Infantry wise I could paint up a mere 3 bases (one regiment) a month and be ready for the battle. Full OOB it just doubles, so a little over one a week. I have not included February in the plan though I expect to get started this month.

Cavalry is rather small in number for the battle. I already have decided to paint up more units than required to allow for other battles and campaigns. We may yet make more changes to the rules that will separate cavalry down from Regiments, if so that would probably double the cavalry bases. Much more thought has to be put into that.

Guns and limbers will be a walk in the park as I only use limbers for horse artillery which cuts down on limbers a lot.

Commanders, well these will be needed in a fairly large number but with between two and four figures to the base it won't be an issue.

Obviously I will be painting up lots of other figures at the same time so this should stop complacency creeping in, but just in case I have been rather organised and have already set up a spreadsheet that will at a glance let me know if I am ahead or behind on the project. Alarmingly it also allows me to work out how much the project will cost. the good news is the figures I intend to sell are in excess of the Waterloo OOB. If we go for the full deal I will have to generate the extra but that is a bridge for the future.

Right now though, I have a few regiments of French Hussars and a lot of French command demanding my attention.


  1. I look forward to seeing how you progress with this. Strangely enough I'm contemplating either a modern or WW2 6mm project at the moment.

  2. Good luck with the new project! Looking forward to following along.

  3. I love starting new projects. And then I like finishing those projects. All around good stuff. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. Have fun with the Reserve regiments; a little variety with them. I think I'll do an invnetory and see what it will take to get my armies to Waterloo strength.

  5. @ Smillie, well it's that time of year we start thinking of new projects (i.e. any day of the week really)

    @ Jonathan, well I have lots to do, especially keeping the French on track at the same time but I'm confident I will get there.

    @ Happy, yes, well at least I have nearly finished the French for Spain, just a few more French allied regiments of infantry and a few more cavalry then that's all done.

    @ Mike, Yes the reserves, it's the Landwehr that I am dreading. Not painting them, fielding them!! What scale are your Nap's? Waterloo is a bit of a Holy Grail though